Thursday June 10, 2010
RIDING under protest due to the rider replacement facility granted for Peterborough’s Troy Batchelor, Ronnie Russell’s Swindon septet registered a well deserved 8-point victory over a much changed Panthers’ side.

RIDING under protest due to the rider replacement facility granted for Peterborough’s Troy Batchelor, Ronnie Russell’s Swindon septet registered a well deserved 8-point victory over a much changed Panthers’ side.

Leigh Adams (C) 2 3 2 3 1* - - 11 (1)
Morten Risager 1* 1 1* 0 - - - 3 (2)
Grzegorz Zengota 3 1* 3 2* 2 - - 11 (2)
Mads Korneliussen 0 2 1 3 - - - 6
Simon Stead 2 2 2 2* - - - 8 (1)
Jordan Frampton 2* 0 0 - - - - 2 (1)
Thomas H. Jonasson 3 0 2 3 0 - - 8
Team manager: Ronnie Russell

Kenneth Bjerre (C) 3 3 3 1 3 - - 13
Troy Batchelor R/R
Rory Schlein 1* 1 3 3 1 0 - 9 (1)
Edward Kennett 2 0 3 1 1* - - 7 (1)
Adam Shields 3 2 2 1 0 - - 8
Mathieu Trésarrieu R 1 0 0 - - - 1
Craig Cook 0 1 0 0 2 - - 3
Team manager: Trevor Swales
Referee: Mick Posselwhite

Ht 1: Bjerre, Adams, Risager, Trésarrieu (ret), 65.55 (3-3)
Ht 2: Jonasson, Frampton, Trésarrieu, Cook, 68.55 (8-4)
Ht 3: Zengota, Kennett, Schlein, Korneliussen, 67.62 (11-7)
Ht 4: Shields, Stead, Cook, Jonasson, 67.02 (13-11)
Ht 5: Bjerre, Korneliussen, Zengota, Kennett, 66.49 (16-14)
Ht 6: Adams, Shields, Risager, Trésarrieu, 66.96 (20-16)
Ht 7: Kennett, Stead, Schlein, Frampton (f, rem), 67.52 (22-20)
Ht 8: Schlein, Jonasson, Risager, Cook, 67.59 (25-23)
Ht 9: Zengota, Shields, Korneliussen, Trésarrieu (f, rem), 67.74 (29-25)
Ht 10: Schlein, Adams, Kennett, Risager, 67.39 (31-29)
Ht 11: Bjerre, Stead, Shields, Frampton, 67.12 (33-33)
Ht 12: Jonasson, Zengota, Schlein, Cook, 68.09 (38-34)
Ht 13: Adams, Stead, Bjerre, Shields, 67.77 (43-35)
Ht 14: Korneliussen, Cook, Kennett, Jonasson, 68.52 (46-38)
Ht 15: (Nominated) Bjerre (y), Zengota (b), Adams (r), Schlein (w), 67.30 (49-41)

Programme changes:
Ht 1: R/R Trésarrieu; Ht 5: R/R Kennett; Ht 8: R/R Schlein; Ht 11: R/R Shields; Ht 12: Cook replaced Trésarrieu; Ht 14: Jonasson replaced Frampton.

In a meeting that was tight from the outset, the Robins constructed an advantage in the latter stages and will have been satisfied with their overall eight-point victory.

A late Swindon surge was perfectly timed and successive 5-1 race advantages in heats twelve and thirteen propelled Swindon into a strong lead.

Polish youngster Grzegorz Zengota topped the Robins’ score-card as he notched an excellently acquired paid thirteen point haul. He was well supported by Swindon Captain Leigh Adams who carded paid twelve, whilst Simon Stead amassed paid nine from his four-ride schedule.

Peterborough’s score-card was headed by a fantastic thirteen point score from Danish International Kenneth Bjerre. The pint-sized racer showed lashings of speed throughout and utilised an array of Blunsdon’s racing lines throughout the evening.

A terrific opening encounter got proceedings underway as Swindon Captain Leigh Adams battled with Peterborough’s Kenneth Bjerre. The Panthers No.1 conjured a lightening fast start to lead the chasing pack and despite Adams best efforts he was unable to forge a route past the diminutive Dane.

A textbook Swindon 5-1 ensued in heat two as Thomas H. Jonasson and Jordan Frampton combined wonderfully. The Robins’ pairing lead in the early stages, and whilst Jonasson blazed a trail out-front, Frampton was able to successfully fend off the advances of the Peterborough duo.

Grzegorz Zengota collected a tapes-to-flag victory in the third and rode well to repel the advances of both Edward Kennett and Rory Schlein. The resultant 3-3 maintained Swindon’s early four point advantage.

Peterborough gained their first heat advantage in the ensuing encounter as the Panthers’ pairing of Adam Shields and Craig Cook combined. Robins’ No.5 Simon Stead challenged Adam Shields in the early stages but was unable to pass the super-quick Aussie.

A characteristically smooth victory for Kenneth Bjerre followed in race five, the Dane fended off pressure from Mads Korneliussen in the early stages.

Leigh Adams and Morten Risager notched a 4-2 in race six as Swindon moved into a four-point lead. Risager gathered momentum as the race progressed and tussled with Adam Shields in the latter stages but was ultimately unable to pass the guest rider.

Peterborough struck back with an excellently acquired 4-2 in heat seven as Edward Kennett blasted past Simon Stead on the second lap to gain victory. Rory Schlein’s third placed finish secured a Panthers’ 4-2.

Schlein took victory in heat eight and with the Swindon pairing of Morten Risager and Thomas H. Jonasson filling the minor placing, the Robins’ retained their two-point advantage.

Grzegorz Zengota’s solid night continued as he eased to a race nine win and a third place for Mads Korneliussen secured a Robins’ 4-2.

Rory Schlein out gated Leigh Adams in an absorbing heat ten. The Peterborough heat-leader nipped underneath Adams on the back straight of the opening lap and rode shrewdly thereafter to fend of the advances of the Robins’ skipper. Meanwhile, Morten Risager came close to nipping past Edward Kennett in the final stages but the British rider held on third spot.

A jaw-dropping ride from Kenneth Bjerre and a third placed finish for Adam Shields saw Peterborough gain a 4-2 from heat eleven. Bjerre drove underneath Simon Stead in the mid stages to gain the ascendancy and displayed breathtaking speed.

Swindon’s youthful pairing of Thomas H. Jonasson and Grzegorz Zengota fired the Robins into a four-point lead with a fantastic 5-1 in the twelfth. Jonasson and Zengota lead in the early stages but rode sensibly for the duration as they successfully repelled a consistent charge from Rory Schlein.

A second successive Robins’ 5-1 in heat thirteen saw Ronnie Russell’s side move into an eight point lead. Leigh Adams and Simon Stead combined emphatically and halted the charge of Kenneth Bjerre as they

A Mads Korneliussen race win ensured a heat fourteen points point share as Swindon’s eight-point advantage remained untouched.

To conclude, a points share concluded proceedings as the Swindon duo of Adams and Zengota settled in behind a hard charging Kenneth Bjerre.

Swindon team-manager Ronnie Russell said:

“Despite riding under protest, we went out on track and performed professionally throughout and I was very pleased with the way the boys rode.

Our protest now goes to the BSPA who will decide what exactly the next stage well be. We feel that formally protesting is the right thing to have done for the club and our loyal supporters.

Tonight the boys have done themselves proud and they’ve done the Swindon public proud.

They were riding against a much different Peterborough side and against such a changed line-up I think we’ve done extremely well."

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