Thursday September 02, 2010
AN incident-packed evening of Elite League action saw Swindon register a slender three-point victory over Wolverhampton.

Leigh Adams (C) 3 3 3 R D - - 9
Mads Korneliussen R 2* 3 2* - - - 7 (2)
Grzegorz Zengota 3 2* 3 1 1 - - 10 (1)
Maciek Janowski 0 3 1 D - - - 4
Simon Stead 3 2 3 3 - - - 11
Justin Sedgmen 2 1* 2* 0 1 - - 6 (2)
Morten Risager 1* 0 0 - - - - 1 (1)
Team manager: Ronnie Russell

Fredrik Lindgren 2 D - - - - - 2
Ty Proctor 1* 1 - - - - - 2 (1)
Adam Skórnicki 1* R 0 6 - - - 7 (1)
Tai Woffinden (C) 2 3 1 3 3 - - 12
Nicolai Klindt 2 1 F 2 2* - - 7 (1)
Joe Haines 0 0 1* 0 1* - - 2 (2)
Ludvig Lindgren 3 1* 2 2 1 2* 2* 13 (3)
Team manager: Peter Adams
Referee: Chris Durno

Ht 1: Adams, F. Lindgren, Proctor, Korneliussen (f, rem, ret), 64.17 (3-3)
Ht 2: L. Lindgren, Sedgmen, Risager, Haines, 66.37 (6-6)
Ht 3: Zengota, Woffinden, Skórnicki, Janowski, 65.99 (9-9)
Ht 4: Stead, Klindt, L. Lindgren, Risager, 66.09 (12-12)
Ht 5: (Awarded) Janowski, Zengota, Proctor, F. Lindgren (f, disq), No Time (17-13)
Ht 6: Adams, Korneliussen, Klindt, Haines, 66.02 (22-14)
Ht 7: Woffinden, Stead, Sedgmen, Skórnicki (ret), 67.06 (25-17)
Ht 8: Korneliussen, L. Lindgren, Haines, Risager, 67.14 (28-20)
Ht 9: Zengota, L. Lindgren, Janowski, Klindt (fell), 66.36 (32-22)
Ht 10: Adams, Korneliussen, Woffinden, Skórnicki, 66.89 (37-23)
Ht 11: Stead, Sedgmen, L. Lindgren, Haines, 67.34 (42-24)
Ht 12: Skórnicki (TR), L. Lindgren, Zengota, Sedgmen, 67.23 (43-32)
Ht 13: Stead, Klindt, Haines, Adams (ret), 66.80 (46-35)
Ht 14: (Re-Run) Woffinden, L. Lindgren, Sedgmen, Janowski (f, disq), 67.56 (47-40)
Ht 15: (Nominated; Re-Run) Woffinden (y), Klindt (w), Zengota (r), Adams (b; disq, foul riding), 67.80 (48-45)

Programme changes:
Ht 8: Haines replaced Proctor; Ht 9: L. Lindgren replaced Haines; Ht 11: Haines replaced F. Lindgren; L. Lindgren replaced Proctor; Ht 12: Sedgmen replaced Risager; TR Skórnicki (Double points); L. Lindgren replaced Haines; Ht 13: Haines replaced F. Lindgren.

NOTE: Under the league scoring system, Swindon gained 2 points and Wolverhampton received 1.

Despite having amassed an eighteen-point cushion after eleven races, the Robins were ultimately unable to defend their advantage and will have been disappointed not to have notched a full quota of league points.

Indeed, Wolverhampton rode with aplomb and tenacity in the latter stages as Peter Adams’ side triumphed in the face of adversity by leaving Wiltshire with a solitary league point.

The visiting side were hit by the withdrawal of Swedish International Freddie Lindgren and Australian youngster Ty Proctor after a frightening heat five spill.

Lindgren fell heavily on bend three as he chased Swindon’s exciting young Pole Maciek Janowski and was flung violently from his machine, with the unlucky Ty Proctor clattering into Lindgren’s bike.

Thankfully, both riders were able to walk from the track but the severity of the incident meant they took no further part in the encounter.

The withdrawal of the aforementioned duo saw Wolverhampton’s youthful reserve duo of Ludvig Lindgren and Joe Haines assume the positions of Lindgren and Proctor thereafter.

With Wolverhampton’s squad weakened, Swindon looked to be heading for a comfortable win as Ronnie Russell’s side stamped their authority on the meeting’s middle sector. Indeed, a well worked heat eleven 5-1 from Simon Stead and Justin Sedgmen shuffled the Robins into a commanding eighteen-point lead with just four races remaining.

However, an 8-1 tactical ride from Adam Skornicki and the hugely impressive Ludvig Lindgren gave Wolverhampton impetus. The Robins looked to be heading for a comfortable 5-1 advantage in the thirteenth, before an uncharacteristic final lap engine failure for Leigh Adams abruptly ended the Australian’s charge.

The resultant 3-3 was followed by a Wolverhampton 5-1 in the penultimate heat as Tai Woffinden and Ludvig Lindgren combined. The initial staging of the race saw Swindon’s Maciek Janowski disqualified for a lap one, turn three fall whilst jostling for position with British youngster, Woffinden.

Nurturing a seven-point cushion, the Robins required a points share in the concluding race to ensure they secured all three Elite League point on offer.

Controversy was to follow as Leigh Adams was disqualified from the initial staging of the race after being adjudged to have caused Wolverhampton’s Tai Woffinden to fall on bend one of lap two.

Woffinden had conjured the better start away from the tapes but it was Adams who clearly possessed more speed. Exiting the fourth bend of the opening lap the two riders were in close attendance, with Woffinden then falling heavily on turn one.

Meeting referee Chris Durno spent considerable time watching replays of the incident before opting to disqualify the Robins’ captain from the re-run.

The re-staging saw Woffinden and Nicolai Klindt combine for a 5-1 race advantage which completed Wolverhampton’s late charge and secured the West Midlands’ side one Elite League point.

Wolverhampton’s scoring was topped by Ludvig Lindgren who excelled from the reserve berth. His paid sixteen score was backed up by a twelve-point contribution from Tai Woffinden.

Meanwhile, Swindon’ score-chart was topped by an eleven point contribution from Simon Stead, whilst Grzegorz Zengota weighed in with a paid eleven haul. Recently signed Polish youngster Maciek Janowski registered his first race-win in Robins’ colour as he carded a four-point score, whilst popular Australian Justin Sedgmen rode well as he gleaned paid eight from his five-ride schedule.

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