Thursday June 09, 2011
SWINDON gained a morale-boosting three points at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday - as they finally saw off Coventry’s resistance in the last race.

The Bees arrived missing No.1 Emil Sayfutdinov but provided stubborn opposition thanks mainly to a string of race wins from Edward Kennett and Przemyslaw Pawlicki.

Robins, meanwhile were beset by a host of problems after they had made a good start by going 13-5 up with 5-1s in both Heats 2 and 3.

Simon Stead was unable to avoid the fallen Ryan Fisher in the latter of those, but was able to resume after treatment – but Swindon’s hopes of extending their lead significantly were hampered by mechanical trouble for Scott Nicholls in Heat 6, Cory Gathercole two races later and then Nicolai Klindt in Heat 11.

With the Bees taking a 5-1 in that race through Pawlicki and ex-Robin Travis McGowan, the pressure was on, but the home side responded in fine style with maximum points from Gathercole and Maciej Janowski in the next race.

That six-point cushion became more important when Nicholls touched the tapes in Heat 13, although a 4-2 in the next took Swindon into the last race with an eight-point lead, and needing to avoid conceding an advantage to make sure of maximum points.

The tension was eased, though, when Pawlicki suffered bike problems at the start-line, and Nicholls rounded things off in style by passing the previously unbeaten Kennett for a fine win.

SWINDON 50: Scott Nicholls 9+1, Simon Stead 9+1, Nicolai Klindt 8, Maciej Janowski 7+3, Jesper B Monberg 6+1, Cory Gathercole 6, Justin Sedgmen 5+1.

COVENTRY 40: Edward Kennett 14, Przemek Pawlicki 12, Kenni Larsen 7, Travis McGowan 5+1, Nelson 1, Ryan Fisher 1, Todd Kurtz 0.

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