Saturday May 19, 2012
SWINDON came away with nothing to show from their second away match in two nights – as a late Eastbourne flourish secured the home side maximum points at Arlington.

Robins have enjoyed much success this season with a flying reserve, but on this occasion the Eagles had their own trump card in Timo Lahti who piled up a shock paid-18 total.

And with Swindon looking to make full use of their star tail-end man Peter Kildemand, who won his first three rides, his effectiveness was drastically reduced after a tangle with Lewis Bridger in Heat 11 which saw the home rider disqualified.

Kildemand suffered a foot problem and fell himself next time out, with Lahti combining with Cameron Woodward for a 5-1 over Kildemand and Jason Doyle – who had earlier won two races – to clinch the match for Eastbourne in Heat 14.

Robins needed an advantage from the last race to snatch a point, but this time Lahti got away along with guest Scott Nicholls, and there was no way through for Doyle or skipper Hans Andersen.

EASTBOURNE 51: Timo Lahti 15+3, Scott Nicholls 11+1, Simon Gustafsson 8+1, Cameron Woodward 7+2, Lewis Bridger 5, Denis Gizatullin 3+1, Lukas Dryml 2.
SWINDON 39: Hans Andersen 10, Peter Kildemand 10, Jason Doyle 7, Troy Batchelor 5+1, Nick Morris 5, Simon Stead 1, Kyle Newman 1.

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