Thursday April 25, 2013
EXCALIBUR Communications Robins were made to work extremely hard to keep their unbeaten record intact before they eventually took a 49-43 victory over Eastbourne at the Abbey.

Yet team boss Alun Rossiter was disappointed that his side only managed to take two Elite League points.

He said: "I'm pleased that we got the win but slightly disappointed that we threw a point away because we should have had all three really.

"It was a meeting we were looking to get three points from, and we can't afford to drop points like that at home too many times this year."

Having opened up a ten-point lead after nine races, Swindon looked set to continue their faultless home record in 2013.

However, a Heat 11 5-1 from the visiting Eagles ensured just eight-points separated the sides ahead of the final race of the night.

Eastbourne then duly delivered a 4-2 ahead of Hans Andersen and Eddie Kennett to ensure Swindon were limited to two Elite League points.

SWINDON 49: Hans Andersen 13+1, Edward Kennett 10+1, Troy Batchelor 9, Peter Kildemand 7+1, Kacper Gomolski 6, Nick Morris 3, Todd Kurtz 1+1.

EASTBOURNE 43: Simon Gustafsson 10+1, Cameron Woodward 10, Timo Lahti 8+2, Bjarne Pedersen 6, Lukas Dryml 4+1, Denis Gizatullin 3, Adam Shields 2.

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