Friday April 18, 2014
SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter is calling for a big response from his side against Poole in tonight’s clash at the Abbey Stadium (8pm) – after going down to a 34-56 defeat at Wimborne Road in the morning fixture.

The Robins were unable to take advantage of Pirates’ second heat-leader Przemyslaw Pawlicki crashing out of the meeting in his second outing as fast gating won the match for the home side on a dry, dusty circuit.

Pawlicki’s crash came in Heat 6 when he was inadvertently taken into the fence by team-mate Vaclav Milk – which meant the Pirates operated the new ‘Injured Rider Replacement’ facility allowing Pawlicki’s remaining rides to be taken by his team-mates.

And with five high scorers in their team, Poole did not suffer significantly from Pawlicki’s absence with Swindon most unusually reduced to just one race winner throughout the meeting.

They trailed by only six points at the half-way stage, Milik coming to grief again in Heat 8 and being correctly disqualified by referee Dan Holt, but Josh Grajczonek prevented damage to the home side by winning the re-run.

Skipper Troy Batchelor attempted to spark a Robins comeback with a stunning ride in Heat 10 to catch and pass former World Champion Chris Holder for what turned out to be the Robins’ sole victory.

The scores were 34-26 at the interval but Poole produced a burst of scoring in the closing stages, at a time where the tactical ride option was not available to Rossiter in any case.

Nicolai Klindt had to work overtime to snatch second place from reserve Charles Wright in Heat 12, but Wright did see off Simon Gustafsson in Heat 14 for the third Poole 5-1 in four races as the home side moved well clear.

Rossiter said: “I’m bitterly disappointed, and to only have one race winner in the whole meeting really is unacceptable.

“Some of the commitment I couldn’t fault, but our middle-order riders have got to start beating their opposite numbers and I’m looking for a response tonight.

“For me and for the fans who went, to get one race winner just isn’t good enough, especially when Poole had a rider crash out, so what would it have been if that had been the other way? We need to step things up tonight and I’m confident we can do that.”

Swindon bring in Benji Compton to guest for the unavailable Steve Worrall tonight, whilst the Pirates are awaiting news on Pawlicki who is in hospital for CT scans but is reportedly keen to ride.

POOLE 56: Maciej Janowski 12+1, Josh Grajczonek 11+1, Chris Holder 11, Charles Wright 9+1, Vaclav Milik 8+1, Przemyslaw Pawlicki 3, Lee Smart 2.

SWINDON 34: Troy Batchelor 10+1, Peter Kildemand 7+1, Nicolai Klindt 5+1, Steve Worrall 5+1, Simon Gustafsson 5, Nick Morris 1+1, Dan Greenwood 1+1.

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