Monday May 12, 2014
SWINDON suffered a late collapse in their 52-38 defeat at Wolverhampton on Monday.

Alun Rossiter's men were in contention for the bulk of an entertaining meeting but suffered three 5-1 reversals in the last three heats.

After some heavy rain throughout the day, conditions were tricky early on but Swindon were dealing with them as well as the home side.

Peter Kildemand won a hugely entertaining Heat 6 which saw Troy Batchelor pinch third from Ty Proctor on the line.

And when Simon Gustafsson won Heat 7 ahead of an enthusiastic Jacob Thorssell, hopes were high for the Blunsdon side.

Wolverhampton's world champion Tai Woffinden enjoyed his best display of the season in a solid all-round display from the home side.

Dakota North pulled off his best performance in Swindon colours with two wins and Kildemand saw his score reduced by an exclusion in Heat 13.

Boss Rossiter said: "I'm disappointed, obviously. I came here thinking we could get a point or even more from the meeting but we had too many weak links.

"Fair play to Wolverhampton, they came good when it mattered most and deserved to claim all the points available, they were the better team in the end.

"But after our win at Coventry on Friday I felt there was a good chance for us at Wolverhampton and we weren't able to take it.

"Troy Batchelor was struggling but I can't criticise the guy because he's been flying for us, he's made a fantastic start to the season for us. He will bounce back from this."

Wolverhampton 52: Tai Woffinden 13+1, Piotr Pawlicki 10+2, Ashley Morris 8+2, Ty Proctor 8, Jacob Thorssell 6, Ricky Wells 5, Joe Jacobs 2+1
Swindon 38: Dakota North 10, Steve Worrall 8+1, Peter Kildemand 7, Nick Morris 6+1, Simon Gustafsson 4, Troy Batchelor 3, Nathan Greaves 0
Elite League points: Wolverhampton 3 Swindon 0.

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