Wednesday May 14, 2014
SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter had mixed emotions after seeing his side claim a point from their 48-42 defeat at King's Lynn on Wednesday night.

The Robins were once again in a great position to claim an away win - but they failed to see the job through.

With Dakota North and Nick Morris claiming a 5-1 in Heat 8, Rossiter's side were 28-20 up.

But the Stars chipped away and pulled themselves back into the meeting to put pressure on the Robins.

And when Peter Kildemand slipped in the first turn of a vital Heat 13 it allowed Lynn duo Niels-Kristian Iversen and super guest Scott Nicholls to claim a 5-1 to hand them the lead.

Going into the last race Swindon needed a 3-3 to claim a point and they did that when Kildemand recovered from an early mistake to pass Nicholls to join partner Troy Batchelor.

Said Rossiter: "I've got mixed feelings because we could and should have won the meeting, but I'd have taken a point before.

"Simon Gustafsson has to take a long, hard look at himself because his performance wasn't good enough and we can't allow that to continue.

"We started well but some riders just faded away which was disappointing, we have to stop throwing points away."

World No.3 Iversen was unstoppable with a 15-point maximum for the home team - Batchelor won his opening two races in his 9-point score for the Robins.

KING’S LYNN 48: Niels-Kristian Iversen 15, Lewis Kerr 13, Nicklas Porsing 7, Scott Nicholls 6+2, Rory Schlein 4+1, Robert Lambert 2+1, Lewis Rose 1.

SWINDON 42: Troy Batchelor 9, Peter Kildemand 8+2, Dakota North 8+1, Nick Morris 7+2, Steve Worrall 5+1, Simon Gustafsson 4, Nathan Greaves 2+2.

Elite League points: King’s Lynn 2 Swindon 1.

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