Monday June 29, 2015
ADRIAN Miedzinski is on the verge of leaving Swindon after their 52-38 defeat at Leicester on Monday.

And boss Alun Rossiter admits he faces some tough decisions following a heavy defeat in front of the Sky cameras - but there is no deal in place to sign brilliant Australian Darcy Ward.

The M&S Van Rental Robins will need to start winning on the road if they are to push for a play-off place and Rossiter says his team needs a shake-up.

Bike problems hit skipper Troy Batchelor and Kyle Howarth early on but the home side were clearly the better all-round team.

Said Rossiter: "I feel very down about this result, it's a low point for us.

"We have to bounce back. It's as simple as that and we will have to look at the team closely now to try and keep the season ticking over. We will fight for the play-offs, starting to home to Wolverhampton on Thursday.

"Adrian came to me after the meeting and said he has a problem riding in England. He cannot handle it at this stage after his bad injury early in the season, so it looks like we're without him.

"Now it's time for big decisions. Bold decisions. We have to do something to keep our season alive, so we will see what happens.

"I'm aware of all the speculation linking us with Darcy Ward, but there's nothing to add from me because there's nothing in place. People keep asking the question about Darcy, but with him or any other signing unless there is anything in place I cannot comment."

LEICESTER 52: Jason Doyle 12, Carl Wilkinson 8+1, Sam Masters 7+2, Szymon Wozniak 7, Piotr Swiderski 7, Robert Lambert 6+2, Simon Lambert 5.
SWINDON 38: Grzegorz Zengota 11+1, Troy Batchelor 9, Charles Wright 8, Nick Morris 6+1, Kyle Howarth 3, Lewis Rose 1+1, Adrian Miedzinski 0.
Elite League points: Leicester 3 Swindon 0

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