Monday May 02, 2016
SWINDON collected their first away win of the Elite League season with an impressive 50-42 success at Coventry on Monday.

The M&S Van Rental Robins controlled proceedings at Brandon and their eight-point margin of victory arguably flattered the hosts.

Rohan Tungate gave a sensational display at reserve with four race wins, and there were key contributions down the order with several riders playing their part.

The Robins only led by two points after Heat 7 but they had provided five of the race winners at that stage, and they took a grip of the meeting with successive 5-1s in Heats 9 and 10.

First Tungate combined with Justin Sedgmen to see off James Sarjeant and Jason Garrity, and then Charles Wright pulled off a brilliant second place behind skipper Jason Doyle ahead of Chris Harris and Danny King.

Nick Morris then limited a Krzysztof Kasprzak tactical ride to just four points with a smart move in Heat 11, and Tungate teamed up with Stefan Nielsen to secure match victory with a 5-1 in the second reserves’ race.

A late Coventry revival threatened to reduce the Robins from four to three league points, but with a shared heat required from Heat 15 Doyle and Morris allowed Kasprzak to race clear and closed ranks ahead of Harris to complete the perfect away display.

Boss Alun Rossiter said: “It was a very good performance. We’ve been showing signs all season but we’ve just been starting meetings slowly. Now we’re starting from the beginning, things are looking quite good.

“We got caught out a bit towards the end when the track slickened off, but we still hung in there and got all four points from the meeting which pushes us up nicely.

“I’ve always said I know what this team are about. They’re young and hungry, they weren’t happy with the early form but now they’re showing what they can do.”

The Robins return to action at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday when they take on Lakeside.

COVENTRY 42: Krzysztof Kasprzak 11, Chris Harris 8+1, Josh Bates 8, James Sarjeant 7, Jason Garrity 6+3, Danny King 2+1, Kacper Woryna R/R.
SWINDON 50: Rohan Tungate 13, Jason Doyle 11, Nick Morris 7+1, Justin Sedgmen 7+1, Charles Wright 5+1, Josh Grajczonek 4+1, Stefan Nielsen 3+1.


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