Thursday July 21, 2016
SWINDON’S play-off hopes suffered a setback with a 33-39 home defeat against Belle Vue at the Abbey Stadium on Thursday.

The meeting was raced in drizzly conditions, and with the weather worsening a halt was called with three races remaining, with the result standing.

A close contest throughout was settled in the Aces’ favour when visiting reserves Richie Worrall and the impressive Joe Jacobs raced to a 5-1 in Heat 12, with Charles Wright coming to grief on the last bend when he tried to pass.

It was frustrating for the M&S Van Rental Robins who had strong races to come, led by unbeaten skipper Jason Doyle, although they would have faced a tough task to claw back six points.

Doyle started his night by passing opposite number Matej Zagar on the last bend of Heat 1, and he won his other two rides with solid support from Nick Morris and Josh Grajczonek.

Doyle and Grajczonek combined for a 5-1 over Max Fricke and Scott Nicholls in Heat 7 to put the Robins ahead, but a shock maximum from Jacobs and Fricke two races later turned the meeting in Belle Vue’s favour.

Grajczonek pulled off a stunning ride in Heat 10 to pass Steve Worrall on the line, but the former Robins rider had already done plenty of damage against his old side with two wins after a Heat 1 tape-breaking.

With the rain intensifying gating became paramount and it was the visiting duo who hit the front in what turned out to be the final race of the night.

Robins boss Alun Rossiter had no complaints over the decision to call a halt – but he admits that with his team having now suffered four home defeats, the pressure is on them to win on the road.

Rossiter said: “We were beaten by the rain in the end, if you didn’t make the gate it was all about being on the fence, and sadly we weren’t that sharp out of the gate.

“By the end, the riders weren’t really in control and there was only one line so it was too dangerous. We were still in it despite the Heat 12 setback, but it was like an ice rink and the safety of the riders is paramount.

“It’s a dent to our play-off hopes. We can’t afford to lose at home, and we’ve done it again, so we’re going to have to start winning some away matches now.

“We really need to step things up, and hopefully after the World Cup break the boys will come back stronger.”

SWINDON 33: Jason Doyle 9, Charles Wright 7+1, Josh Grajczonek 7+1, Nick Morris 7, Rohan Tungate 2+1, Rob Branford 1, Justin Sedgmen 0
BELLE VUE 39: Joe Jacobs 8+2, Steve Worrall 8, Max Fricke 5+1, Craig Cook 5+1, Scott Nicholls 5, Richie Worrall 4+1, Matej Zagar 4+1
Abandoned after 12 heats due to rain – Result STANDS
Elite League points: Swindon 0 Belle Vue 3

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