Wednesday May 02, 2018
SWINDON slipped to their first league defeat of the season 51-39 at King’s Lynn.

The CFS Filtration Robins opened the meeting with a 5-1 with Adam Ellis leading his skipper Nick Morris home.

That was as good as it got for Alun Rossiter’s men, though, as the Stars took control with three straight heat advantages in heats seven, eight and nine which put them 10 points up.

The Robins reacted by putting Morris out as a tactical substitute for David Bellego in the following heat. That decision paid off as the Aussie teamed up with Troy Batchelor for a 5-1. They were helped by the exclusion of Stars’ guest Craig Cook who crashed out of the first staging of the heat.

Despite the efforts of Morris and Batchelor the home side never looked troubled, as they secured the victory with a 5-1 in heat 14.

Boss Rossiter said: “We were beaten by the better side and we were carrying too many passengers tonight. We made a few costly mistakes with Toby (Musielak) going around the tapes when the race was stopped and things like that.

“You can’t take away the performance of Robert Lambert tonight, though, he was on fire for the Stars. Added to that Lewis Kerr scored paid-17 at reserve for them, which really shows the difference between the two sides tonight.

“Everyone has written King’s Lynn off and you can see from their performance tonight, they are stronger than what was predicted in the media.

“I never underestimated them that’s for sure. I gave them the respect they deserve and they showed what a good team they are.

“It was disappointing that our winning run has come to an end. We will regroup and look forward to the Poole meeting on Bank-holiday Monday, and make sure that we get back to winning ways against them at the Abbey.”

KING’S LYNN 51: Robert Lambert 17+1, Lewis Kerr 14+3, Ty Proctor 11+1, Michael Palm Toft 5+1, Craig Cook 3, Ashley Morris 1+1, Thomas Jorgensen r/r.

SWINDON 39: Nick Morris 11+3, Troy Batchelor 11, Adam Ellis 7, Tobiasz Musielak 5+1, James Sarjeant 4, David Bellego 1, Mitchell Davey 0.

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