Wednesday June 13, 2018
SWINDON team manager Alun Rossiter fumed at the referee after watching his side fall to a 48-42 defeat at Leicester Lions.

The CFS Filtration Robins returned to the top of the SGB Premiership by virtue of a bonus consolation point at Lions, thanks to Wolverhampton’s defeat by eight at Somerset.

But Rossiter was in no mood to celebrate after the result or the performances of the officials, citing a number of incidents.

He claims Lions rider Hans Andersen crossed the green in heat 11 and caused the clash with Robins ace Tobiasz Musielak two heats later, for which the latter was excluded.

Andersen then clashed with team-mate Krystian Pieszczek in heat 15, which led to the latter sitting out the rerun.

Providing both riders finished, it meant a 3-3 for the Robins, which kept them to within six points in a losing effort. Andersen came home in front of Troy Batchelor and Musielak.

Swindon also lost Jack Smith to a fall in heat two, so young No 8 Anders Rowe will replace him when Rye House Rockets are the visitors on Thursday night.

The table-toppers have the chance to extend their lead at the summit. Bachelor, with 15 points, put in their star turn at Leicester.

Rossiter said: “The referee was awful, he’s a trainee and I was gobsmacked by some of the decisions. This has happened to us before. I won’t be talking to him again, that’s for sure.

“He excluded Tobiasz at King’s Lynn and let Hans get away with the same thing, the racers were called back to the pits and he never punished him.

“I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t the same ref. The rules are your not allowed on the infield at any time. Hans went dive-bombing down the back straight and was only warned.

“You’ve got a referee of Craig Ackroyd’s calibre next to him. How is he supposed to learn if he’s not helping him? It’s very disappointing.

“Hans took out his own man in heat 15 and still wasn’t put out of the race. That got us a league point and maybe that’s a bit of karma.

“I’m not taking anything away from Leicester, they got the points and well done to them, but the officials need to sort themselves out.

“We struggled to get out of the traps early on and they took advantage. We found our gating gloves and got back into it, but it wasn’t enough.

“Going top of the league is irrelevant, we’ve lost the meeting and that’s not good enough. We’ve got Rye House in town next and we’ve got to go and beat them.”

LEICESTER 48: Hans Andersen 12+1, Krystian Pieszczek 9, Kenneth Bjerre 7+2, James Sarjeant 7+1, Danny King 6, Kyle Newman 4, Todd Kurtz 3+1.

SWINDON 42: Troy Batchelor 15, Tobiasz Musielak 7+2, Adam Ellis 7, Nick Morris 7, Zach Wajtknecht 5, David Bellego 1, Jack Smith 0.

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