Wednesday August 01, 2018
TOBIASZ Musielak was left to rue a “very strange” night as Swindon got swept aside 54-36 at Somerset.

The CFS Filtration Robins suffered five retirements and had a rider returning zero in every heat bar the last in a top-of-the-table clash that saw the Rebels wrap up the points by heat 12.

Musielak withdrew with bike troubles in his first two races but remained unbeaten by an opponent in his final three, including an academic 5-1 behind guest and top scorer Rohan Tungate in heat 15.

David Bellego’s card displayed opposite traits with nine points from three races prior to a last place and a retirement.

“It was very strange,” said Musielak.

“I think I picked up too much dirt in the first two heats because it was so wet and heavy. The ignition system blew up in the first race and the second was the same.

“Honestly, I had a bad set up. We changed something and then it was much better.

“Unfortunately, the team lost because we could not win the gates. The heavy dirt completely killed our engines.

“We thought the track would be smooth and dry but after a couple of races we found it was very different.

“From there it was a little bit better for some of the guys but still a hard night.”

The racing improved as the night went on with Bellego’s impressive blast around the outside proved too hot for former Robin Bradley Wilson-Dean to resist in heat eight.

Tungate was thwarted on the line after a thrilling ninth race, trading first with Richard Lawson throughout but the Aussie had the last laugh with last-ditch dive up the inside of Jack Holder at the end.

That was a rare highlight, though, with Musielak quick to acknowledge the backing of a bumper Swindon following.

“I want to say thank you for supporting us,” he added.

“We are looking forward to seeing the fans again back at the Abbey Stadium, we want to come back and win.”

SOMERSET 54: Jack Holder 12+1, Nico Covatti 8+1, Rory Schlein 7+2, Bradley Wilson-Dean 7+2, Richard Lawson 7+1, Jake Allen 7, Aaron Summers 6+2.

SWINDON 36: Rohan Tungate 10, David Bellego 9, Tobiasz Musielak 8+1, Adam Ellis 5, Troy Batchelor 2, Zach Wajtknecht 2, Jack Smith 0.

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