Monday September 17, 2018
SWINDON have been rocked by an injury crisis ahead of tonight’s KO Cup semi-final trip to King’s Lynn.

The CFS Filtration Robins will be without three of their regulars, including both reserves, at the Adrian Flux Arena.
Second-string Adam Ellis is out after suffering a shoulder injury when racing for Lakeside on Saturday, whilst Zach Wajtknecht is not fit to race after crashing in the Hammers’ final meeting at Purfleet on Friday.

Fellow reserve Jack Smith also misses the meeting as he is suffering with tonsillitis.

Rider-replacement is the only option for Ellis, whilst after an extensive search for riders the reserve positions will be filled by Theo Pijper and Scott Campos.

Manager Alun Rossiter said: “It’s an absolutely devastating sequence of events because we genuinely believed we had a chance to defend our six-point lead.

“Adam rides the place really well, he had wins there when guesting recently, but he popped his shoulder at the weekend, he put it back in but his arm is badly bruised and he can’t lift it.

“Zach is still very sore after his big crash on Friday although thankfully nothing was broken, and Jack is out with illness.

“Finding guests at this time of year is a nightmare, we’ve been on it since Sunday afternoon and it was only finalised on Monday lunchtime. There appeared to be some good options, but so many riders now either don’t want to do it or can’t due to engines or whatever.

“Nearly half of the National League teams are racing anyway, which is pretty much our only option to replace Jack, and some of them are already using guests and others are injured, so what can we do? It’s an almost impossible position.

“We just have to go there and make the best of a bad job, we thank the two guys for coming in and let’s see if we can pull off a shock result.”

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