Friday November 16, 2018
SWINDON promoter Alun Rossiter has welcomed the granting of planning permission for the new Abbey Stadium development.

Rossiter was involved in the BSPA AGM earlier this week when the news came through confirming that the stadium project had received the green light – with, crucially, no more houses permitted until it is completed.

It’s been a frustrating time for all involved with the Robins with three additional seasons taking place on the old circuit whilst issues were resolved.

But although club bosses are still unsure of when the new stadium will open its doors, it’s clear that this week’s verdict is a big step forward.

Rossiter said: “The ball’s in the stadium’s court now, whereas before there could always have been an excuse that they were waiting on this planning, that situation, whatever.

“Now it’s purely in the hands of the stadium owners, and having listened and spoken to people, they seem very confident that it will happen now the planning has been granted.

“It’s still a case of wait and see when it comes to timescales, but the new track has already been marked out and obviously we want to be on it for the start of next season.”

Rossiter has now turned his attention to building the Robins’ 2019 septet, working to the points limit of 42.50 for Premiership clubs.

He said: “We have plenty of options to consider and I’m confident we will be able to put together a strong team. We have to be getting back into the play-offs next season after missing out this year.”

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