Tuesday November 27, 2018
JASON DOYLE, the 2017 World Champion, will make an emotional return to Swindon next season.

Doyle rejoins the club after a season with Somerset and is thrilled to be back after winning the Premiership as well as the world title in his last spell at the Abbey.

And he’s paid tribute to the loyal band of Robins fans who support the club during good and bad times.

“They’re brilliant,” he said. “I’ve had so many great memories with the club and they support me a lot in Grand Prix racing even if the team is struggling.

“You only have to look back at 2017 and the shocking start we had but the fans stayed with us and we rewarded them with the league title at the end!

“I’m happy to be back, Wayne and Terry Russell are always true to their word and I want to win the league title again – as well as winning back the world title!”

Swindon boss Alun Rossiter said: “Contrary to some keyboard experts, we never fell out with Doyley. We’re delighted to have him back.

“There was never any issue with Doyley, it’s just with team building restrictions last winter we had to make some tough decisions.

“He’s a great spearhead and it’s great for the sport in this country to have the 2017 World Champion racing here.”

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