Monday December 03, 2018
SWINDON’S team building has taken another major step forward with the return of former Grand Prix star Troy Batchelor.

Batchelor joins 2017 World Champion Jason Doyle and rider of the year Tobiasz Musielak back at the Abbey with the team taking shape nicely.

The news comes on the day popular Abbey man Nick Morris has left the club to join Premiership rivals Wolverhampton.

CFS Filtration Robins boss Alun Rossiter said: “This is a key signing for us, Batch can be a match winner and I think this is a move which is great for both rider and club.

“He knows Doyley well and they’ll feed off each other I’m certain of that and I know we’re going to see some strength at the top end of the team.

“Everything is positive right now. We’re all excited by the prospect of having Doyley back and when you add Toby and Batch it’s all looking very positive.

“We know the direction the rest of the team is going in and we are happy. Of course, all the talking will stop next March and it’s all about what happens out there on the track.”

Rossiter has sent his personal good wishes to Morris, who helped Robins win the league at his new club Wolves in 2017.

“As I said earlier, I didn’t really want to lose Nick but he’s at a good club and we wish him well apart from when he races against us!” said Rossiter.

“It was a hard decision leaving both Nick and David Bellego out and I hope it’s not the last we see of them in Swindon colours.”

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