Monday March 18, 2019
SWINDON are on target to start the new Premiership season on a newly shaped track at the Abbey Stadium.

The club's contractors have moved into the site to bring the famous old circuit down from 363 metres to 320 ahead of their opener on April 11.

And club chairman Terry Russell said: "Entertainment is the key, we want to ensure the changes to the track will give the riders, both from our team and the visitors, the opportunity to put on a great show.

"My contractors will be working hard to a schedule over the next few days and the Greyhound contractors are doing the same to amend the shape of their circuit.

"We will have a good season at Swindon. We have brought back the 2017 World Champion in Jason Doyle and we'll have a new-look track for the riders to race on.

"There's a lot of other work to go through, we have to move the tapes back, we have to move the position of the referee and we will also need to amend the track lighting.

"It's all achievable and we are on target to open our season as planned on April 11. We are also working out the most suitable day for the guys to get together for press and practice."

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