Wednesday May 08, 2019
SWINDON Speedway have taken the early decision to postpone their Thursday night meeting with King’s Lynn at the Abbey.

The track has taken a lot of rain throughout Wednesday and with more forecast for Thursday a call has been made to minimise inconvenience for all parties.

Swindon Chairman Terry Russell said: “We have had so much positivity about the new track and everything the club have been doing we cannot risk undoing that with Thursday night.
“I’ve been at the track today and I can see where the water is standing on the track and more is forecast tomorrow.
“The track is still bedding in and I don’t want to risk an unsatisfactory situation on a damp, wet and cold evening which will go against all the good work put in.
“We now have a gap until Monday May 27 to do more work on it and hopefully create even better racing for the fans.
“The early decision also allows us to minimise inconvenience for everyone and we will announce a new date for the meeting as soon as we have it.”

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