Thursday October 03, 2019
IT is with great reluctance that Swindon Speedway have taken the decision to postpone tonight’s Premiership play-off semi-final against Wolverhampton.

The club have studied numerous detailed weather forecasts, and all are consistent in that rain will be moving in later this afternoon, and will be getting heavier into the evening.

We apologise to all concerned for pulling the plug on the meeting, but it is the only sensible move to make and doing it at this stage will hopefully prevent inconvenience for supporters.

Club director Steve Park said: “We didn’t want to be faced with a situation where the fans were dragged out on a wet night for no reason, and the TV cameras were there simply to film the rain coming down.

“It’s a big disappointment, but it’s not a question of if it’s going to rain later, it’s a matter of when, and all the forecasts indicate there will be constant rainfall by start-time.

“We feel we’ve taken a logical decision which is in the best interests of all parties, and we look forward to both clubs hopefully enjoying better weather next week for what should be a terrific semi-final.”

Tonight’s meeting has been re-arranged for next Thursday, October 10 (subject to confirmation), and it will now be the second leg with the CFS Filtration Robins travelling to Wolverhampton for the opener on Monday.

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