Thursday November 26, 2020
ADAM Ellis is ready to step up his preparations for the new season at Swindon.

Ellis, a pivotal part of the club’s double winning campaign last year, is set to return to the Abbey as well as racing in Sweden after agreeing a deal there recently.

He finished the 2020 season in Poland on the injured list but is making a good recovery and is on target to be fully fit for next spring at the Abbey.

After suffering with his back he was forced to wear a surgical corset for weeks but is now having regular physio to build up his strength.

Said Ellis: “Everything is going well now, I’m not in the discomfort I was and things are moving in the right direction.

“I’m having physio every other day and I feel I’m making progress every time I do that. I’m keeping a positive outlook on things and I have plenty of time on my side.”

Ellis admits he’s delighted to have a proper stab at Swedish racing to enhance his experience.

“I’m really happy about Sweden,” he said. “I only did a couple of meetings this year but I’m looking forward to getting a chance to do a full season over there.

“It’s good experience for me and hopefully it will help me improve as a rider.”

Ellis admits he was ‘gutted’ to see the British season wiped out apart from the British Final behind closed doors and some other challenge matches.

“We were looking forward to defending the league title,” he said. “Hopefully it’s something we can have a good go at next year. I’ve missed Swindon, the management, team mates, sponsors and fans.”

Ellis is remaining at his French home until the new season kicks into action to continue his recovery and build-up.

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