Thursday December 10, 2020
LEIGH Adams, one of Swindon’s all-time greats, has paid tribute to club owner Terry Russell for the work he’s done in the sport.

Russell took over the Robins from Peter Toogood in time for the 2004 season and Adams welcomed him with open arms to the Abbey.

Now back in Australia living the best life he possibly can in a wheelchair after a bike crash in the desert, Adams insists Russell is perfect to have on your side.

He said: “Living in the town was a big factor why I enjoyed riding for Swindon so much, and I did the bulk of my years there.

“It was just a great set-up, and I was really lucky to have Terry come in there and take it over. You couldn’t ask for a better promoter.

“I’d dealt with him through my Arena-Essex days, and then for him to take Swindon over it was a pleasure to see it out with him.”

Adams is trying to remain involved in the sport where possible and is keen to help younger riders.

His son Declan recently had a slide on a bike – but it seems unlikely he will become a professional racer at this stage. Declan could be seen at Swindon home meetings as a young boy doing laps in the infield training track on a mini bike.

Adams would like to pay a visit back to Europe – including a return visit to the Abbey – but he says it’s not a simple task.

“I would love to come back to Europe, but travelling is difficult,” he said. “I did a stint in America for rehab, and just the long flight is a killer.

“It was a killer when I was absolutely fit, and now it’s really hard. I’d never say never, and one day I’ll probably make it work, but at this stage it’s difficult.”

Discussions regarding next season continue at both Premiership and Championship level following controversial new restrictions on riders and the amount of leagues they are allowed to race in imposed by Polish clubs.

Some riders will inevitably miss out on the British scene which means changes are likely to Premiership teams.

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