Thursday January 14, 2021
SWINDON Director Steve Park has moved to offer some light to fans in a dark week for the club.

On Monday it was announced the Robins would not be running in the 2021 Premiership because of ongoing concerns regarding restrictions due to the pandemic – but the prospect of building work on a new stadium is regarded as ‘good news’.

Said Park: “The construction of the new stadium is good news but will be taking place throughout the summer of this year.

“This will mean that stadium facilities will be seriously curtailed or not available at all for some periods.

“Thus, if the pandemic restrictions are lifted the club could find itself in a position where it could not race due to constraint of the construction work in the stadium.

“The stadium owners have been waiting for approval to conduct the building work. They anticipate that final signatures will be received, and approval will be given imminently.

“Our decision is about assurances to the fans that they will have a stadium to watch racing in, to our sponsors that they will have a platform to base their business promotion on and the riders that they have a secure team place which they can base their plans on.”

The club are also keen to reassure season ticket holders regarding their investment.

“Everyone who purchased a season ticket for the 2020 season who has not previously received a refund will be get their money returned,” said Park. “They will not need to do anything; the club will contact them. We ask fans for their patience whilst this process is carried out.”

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