Thursday March 04, 2021
ALUN Rossiter has admitted feeling jealous of Premiership clubs with the announcement of plans for fans to return to sporting venues from May 17.

The Swindon boss is set to miss out on any involvement with the sport following the club’s decision, in conjunction with Abbey Stadium landlords, to sit out the season.

Unlike riders and co-promoter Lee Kilby who have been fixed up elsewhere, Rossiter is unattached within the sport for the first time in years.

“I’ve been fine with it all until now,” he said. “I can see the merit in the decision of the club, a big call for Terry Russell and Steve Park to make, so I’ve been absolutely fine with it all.

“But when I heard Boris says turnstiles can click again from May 17 and then I saw the statement from British Speedway regarding the new season I started feeling envious.

“I’m going to miss it. Last week’s announcement made me realise just how much it is a part of my life.

“When you throw in the vaccine rollout too, you have to say Britain is in a better position than most to get fans back into stadia in a shorter timescale. They’re even talking about test events next month.

“It was hard enough missing last season and it’s going to be tough this year. I wish all my riders all the very best and I know we as a club will continue to support them, plus Lee in his role at Eastbourne.

“In addition I wish every club competing this year all the very best and hope the season goes ahead without too many issues. I’ll be a key observer to help us prepare for our return next year when certain aspects of a night out could be different.”

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