Sunday March 15, 2009
SWINDON CAPTAIN Leigh Adams reigned victorious in Sunday's Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration meeting in front of a bumper Blunsdon crowd.

Adams notched fourteen points from his five qualifying rides, eased through his semi final and rode a tremendous final race to clinch victory.

Talented Polish youngster Kryzstof Kasprzak finished an impressive second whilst current World Champion Nicki Pedersen clinched third spot.

Swindon Speedway, 60th Anniversary Celebration.
Sunday 15th March, 6pm.

1. Leigh Adams
2. Kryzstof Kasprzak
3. Nicki Pedersen
4. Antonio Lindback

Charlie Gjedde 1 2 1 0 R - 4
Nicola Klindt 2 0 1 1 1 - 5
Jurica Pavlic 0 1 0 0 0 - 1
Chris Harris 3 2 R 0 3 - 8
James Wright 1 1 0 11 4
Niels Kristian Iversen 0 3 3 1 2 - 9
Leigh Adams 3 2 3 3 3 - 14
Chris Holder 2 0 2 2 1 - 7
Kenneth Bjerre 2 R 1 2 2 - 7
Kryzstof Kasprzak 1 1 1 3 2 - 8
Ryan Fisher 0 R F R R - 0
Lee Richardson 3 1 2 2 1 - 9
Nicki Pedersen 2 3 2 3 3 - 13
Simon Stead 1 2 3 1 2 - 9
Antonio Lindback 3 3 3 3 3 - 15
Mads Korneliussen 0 3 2 2 0 - 7
Referee: Mr M Posslewhite

Ht1: Harris, Klindt, Gjedde, Pavlic, 65.16
Ht 2: Adams, Holder, Wright, Iversen, 65.74
Ht 3: Richardson, Bjerre, Kasprzak, Fisher. 67.62
Ht 4: Lindback, Pedersen, Stead, Korneliussen, 65.23
Ht 5: Pedersen, Gjedde, Wright, Bjerre (ret), 65.93
Ht 6: Iversen, Stead, Kasprzak, Klindt, 66.49
Ht 7: Lindback, Adans, Pavlic, Fisher (ret) 65.67
Ht 8: Korneliussen, Harris, Richardson, Holder, 66.83
Ht 9: (re-run) Iversen, Koreliussen, Gjedde, Fisher f.exc 66.27
Ht 10: Lindback, Richardson, Klindt, Wright, 66.15
Ht 11: Stead, Holder, Bjerre, Pavlic, 67.27
Ht 12: Adams, Pedersen, Kasprzak Harris (ret), 66.67
Ht 13: Adams, Richardson, Stead, Gjedde, 67.72
Ht 14: Pedersen, Holder, Klindt, Fisher (ret), 66.65
Ht 15: Kasprzak, Korneliussen, Wright, Pavlic, 67.02
Ht 16: Lindback, Bjerre, Iversen, Harris, 66.89
Ht 17: Lindback, Kasprzak, Holder, Gjedde (ret) 66.46
Ht 18: Adams, Bjerre, Klindt, Korneliussen, 66.95
Ht 19: Pedersen, Iversen, Richardson, Pavlic, 67.21
Ht 20: Harris, Stead, Wright, Fisher (ret) 68.12

Semi Final 1:
Pedersen (B) Lindback (G) Richardson (Y) Harris (R) 66.62

Semi Final 2:
Adams (Y), Kasprzak (R), Iversen (B), Stead (G)

Adams (Y), Kasprzak (R), Pedersen (B), Lindback (G), 65.71

LEIGH ADAMS collected a hugely popular victory at Swindon’s Sixtieth Anniversary Celebration meeting which raised the curtain on the 2009 speedway season at Blunsdon.

Adams, Swindon’s all time record points scorer, dropped just a solitary point his five qualifying riders, eased through his semi final and then executed a sublime pass of current World Champion Nicki Pedersen to collect victory in what was a crackerjack finale to the meeting.

The Robins’ skipper used every iota of his extensive track craft to power past Pedersen on the back straight of the opening lap and in doing so coaxed the legendary ‘Blunsdon roar’ from a large Abbey Stadium crowd.

Pedersen tried ferociously to conjure a route back past Adams but the Swindon captain remained characteristically composed under pressure and repelled all of the Dane’s advances.

It was the ideal conclusion to what had been a memorable night of action on a racing surface that had benefitted from extensive winter work and therefore provided passing opportunities throughout.

Prior to the meeting, a minute of applause was staged as a tribute to Swindon Speedway legend Bob Kilby who passed away in January.

On track, a resurgent Antonio Lindback excelled in the five qualifying heats and the Swedish youngster was unbeaten after the conclusion of twenty races. The former Grand Prix rider was simply outstanding, his speed, agility and commitment saw him defeat both Leigh Adams and Nicki Pedersen.

Coventry’s Chris Harris took victory in the opening race in a super quick Blunsdon heat time of 65.15 seconds. Danish youngster Nicolai Klindt slotted into second spot whilst former Robins’ favourite Charlie Gjedde collected the solitary point.

Leigh Adams eased to victory in the ensuing race before Swindon asset Lee Richardson started his night in perfect style with an impressive heat three victory.

The scintillating speed of Antonio Lindback set tongues wagging in heat four as the Brazilian born Swede blazed an emphatic trail to victory.

Nicki Pedersen eased to a race win in heat six before Lindback inflicted defeat on Leigh Adams in heat number seven in another blistering time. Mads Korneliussen proved a popular winner of heat eight and in doing so collected his first points of the night before his compatriot Niels Kristian Iversen romped to victory in a re-run heat nine.

Lindback eased to his third successive heat win in race ten to shuffle his tally on to a flawless nine points before Simon Stead further endeared himself to Swindon fans with a morale boosting heat eleven victory.

Adams and Pedersen treated the Blunsdon crowd to a teriffic duel in the following heat as the two Grand Prix heavy weights indulged in a superb battle in which Adams prevailed.

Adams then took victory in heat thirteen to move his points total on to eleven before Nicki Pedersen made light work of the opposition in heat fourteen.

Kryzstof Kasprzak sprung to life in heat fifteen and notched a vital heat victory before Lindback once again eased to victory in heat sixteen.

The Swede concluded his qualifying races in style by collecting another tapes to flag victory in heat seventeen before Adams blitzed the race eighteen field to shuffle his tally to fourteen points

Pedersen stamped his authority on heat nineteen before Chris Harris finished the qualifying heats in fine fashion which a race win.

The first semi final saw Pedersen and Lindback go head to head and it was the former who dominated the first corner and held the ascendancy throughout. Lindback collected second spot but had to fend off challenges from Lee Richardson and to a lesser extent Chris Harris.

The second semi final saw Leigh Adams and Kryzstof Kasprzak progress through whilst Simon Stead endured mechanical gremlins and Niels Kristian Iversen was unable to stamp his authority.

The Grand Final brought together four riders with extensive International experience. Adams and Pedersen mustered the best starts but it was the latter who reached the apex of turn one first.

Adams quickly adapted his line and responded to Pedersen’s ascendancy by engineering an inch perfect cutback which provided the Robins’ captain with enough speed to nip underneath the Dane on the back straight.

Simultaneously, Antonio Lindback launched an audacious attempt to pass Pedersen around the outside, but the Swede found himself pushed wide on turn three and four of the opening lap and could never recover.

Pedersen meanwhile chased Adams hard, but an uncharacteristic mistake allowed Kryzstof Kasprzak through into second spot while Adams enjoyed clear air out front to take victory.

It was a wonderful conclusion to what had been a fantastic night of Blunsdon speedway and a the perfect way for the Swindon Robins to toast their sixtieth anniversary.

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