Thursday March 26, 2009
SWINDON will take a twenty one point lead into the second leg of the Knockout Cup quarter final after collecting a comprehensive victory over Wolverhampton.

Thursday 26th March 2009

Swindon Robins 57 Wolverhampton Wolves 36
K.O Cup Quarter Final First Leg.

Swindon Robins
1. Leigh Adams (C) 3 3 2 3 2* - - 13 (1)
2. Travis McGowan 1 1 1 1* - - - 4 (1)
3. Simon Stead 3 2 1 1 - - - 7
4. Jurica Pavlic 2* 1* 3 2 - - - 8 (2)
5. Troy Batchelor 3 3 2 2* 3 - - 13 (1)
6. Krzysztof Stojanowski 2*0 0 - - - - 2 (1)
7. Ryan Fisher 3 f/d 3 3 1* - - 10 (1)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter

Wolverhampton Wolves
1. Peter Karlsson (C) 2 6! 3 R R - - 11
2. Nicolai Klindt F 0 2 1 - - - 3
3. Tai Woffinden 0 1* 3 2 - - - 6 (1)
4. Adam Skornicki 1 2 0! 3 - - - 6
5. Freddie Lindgren 2 2 2 1 1 - - 8
6. Hynek Stichauer 1 1* 0 0 0 0 0 2 (1)
7. Chris Kerr f/d f.n WITHDRAWN 0
Team Manager: Peter Adams
Referee: C Turnbull

Swindon take 1 & 3

Programme Changes.
Ht 4: Stichauer replaces Kerr, Ht 5 Karlsson TR!, Ht 8 Stichauer replaces Kerr, Ht 10: Skornicki TR, Ht 14: Fisher replaces Stojanowski, Stichauer replaces Kerr

Ht 1: Adams, Karlsson, McGowan, Klindt, 64.67 (4-2)
Ht 2: (re-run) Fisher, Stojanowski, Stichauer, Kerr, f/d 67.61 (9-3)
Ht 3: (re-run) Stead, Pavlic, Skornicki, Woffinden, 67.21 (14-4)
Ht 4: (re-run x 2) Batchelor, Lindgren, Stichauer, Kerr f,n, Fisher disq,foul riding 66.15 (17-7)
Ht 5: Karlsson TR!, Stead, Pavlic, Klindt, 65.55 (20-13)
Ht 6: Adams. Lindgren, McGowan, Stichauer ret, 65.86 (24-15)
Ht 7: Batchelor, Skornicki, Woffinden, Stojanowski, 65.83 (27–18)
Ht 8: Fisher, Klindt, McGowan, Stichauer, 67.43 (31-20)
Ht 9: Pavlic, Lindgren, Stead, Stichauer, 66.93 (35-22)
Ht 10: Woffinden, Adams, McGowan, Skornicki TR, 66.33 (38-25)
Ht 11: (re-run) Karlsson, Batchelor, Klindt, Stojanowski, 67.05 (40-29)
Ht 12 (re-run) Fisher, Woffinden, Stead, Stichauer, 68.30 (44-31)
Ht 13: Adams, Batchelor, Lindgren, Karlsson ret, 66.30 (49-32)
Ht 14: Skornicki, Pavlic, Fisher, Stichauer, 66.89 (52-35)
Ht 15: (re-run) (B)Troy Batchelor (R)Adams (Y)Freddie Lindgren (G)Peter Karlsson ret (57-36) 67.08

ON AN eventful night of Abbey Stadium racing Swindon collected a well deserved twenty one point victory against Wolverhampton.

The margin of victory means Alun Rossiter’s side travel to the Midlands for the second leg of the Knockout Cup quarter final tie on Monday April 6th which a superb chance of progressing through to the next round of the competition.

The Robins held the ascendancy throughout and thwarted the effectiveness of both Wolverhampton’s tactical rides.

Swindon’s rider score chart was jointly headed by the Australian duo of Leigh Adans and Troy Batchelor both of whom contributed paid fourteen point hauls.

Elsewhere, a lively and spirited performance from Ryan Fisher saw the flamboyant American deservedly scoop the man of the match award after acquiring a paid eleven score from a five ride schedule.

Travis McGowan, Simon Stead and Jurica Pavlic all contributed solid performances whilst Krzysztof Stojanowski collected a paid win in his first outing.

Wolverhampton were well served by their experienced Captain Peter Karlsson whose eleven point haul could have been greater if the Swede hadn’t endured successive engine failures in his concluding two rides.

Tai Woffinden exuded flashes of brilliance during the evening, in particular his heat ten victory over Leigh Adams which certainly set tongues wagging around the Blunsdon terraces.

Wolves were hampered by the withdrawal of Chris Kerr in the early stages after the American was involved in a nasty looking first bend, heat four crash.

A characteristically fast starting Leigh Adams eased to victory in the opener in super quick heat time of 64.67, just four tenths of a second outside his own Abbey Stadium track record. Travis McGowan’s third place ensured Swindon notched an early advantage before the Robins’ reserve pairing of Ryan Fisher and Krzyzstof Stojanowski notched a 5-1 in a re-run heat two.

The lively Swindon duo of Simon Stead and Jurica Pavlic combined to collect a second successive 5-1 in heat three which shuffled the Robins’ early advantage to ten points.

The initial staging of heat four was halted on the first corner of the opening lap due to first bend bunching which saw the Wolves duo of Lindgren and Kerr fall. The re-staging again saw another first bend incident, this time more serious, as Ryan Fisher, Freddie Lindgren and Chris Kerr all collided with the air fence. It was Kerr who came off worse from the clash and after on track treatment the American withdrew from the meeting

Ryan Fisher, deemed to be the primary cause of the stoppage, was disqualified from the re-run which saw Wolverhampton’s Hynek Stichauer replace the injured Kerr. Troy Batchelor eased to victory in the third staging of the race to ensure a points share.

Wolverhampton team manager Peter Adams nominated Peter Karlsson for a tactical ride in heat five and the dependable skipper didn’t disappoint as he romped to a textbook race victory. The resultant 6-3 advantage in the visitor’s favour reduced Swindon’s lead to six points.

Leigh Adams and Travis McGowan bolstered the Robins’ advantage with a heat six 4-2 before the hugely impressive Troy Batchelor notched his second successive race win in the ensuing heat.

Ryan fisher and Travis McGowan shuffled Swindon’s advantage to eleven points in heat eight with an excitingly acquired 4-2 race advantage. McGowan and Wolverhampton’s Nicolai Klindt indulged in a terrific scrap for second spot with the opposition rider eventually prevailing.

Jurica Pavlic eased to a heat nine victory before a superb ride from Wolverhampton’s teenage sensation Tai Woffinden proved enough to lower the colours of Swindon captain Leigh Adams. Adam Skornicki was nominated as a tactical ride for the race but the experienced Pole was unable to catch the Robins’ pairing and had to settle for fourth position.

Peter Karlsson rode well to repel the challenge of Troy Batchelor in heat eleven, before a crackerjack race twelve saw a scintillating three rider duel from which Ryan Fisher prevailed victorious.

Adams and Batchelor team rode well to take a 5-1 heat advantage in race thirteen and in doing so extended Swindon’s lead to a commanding seventeen points. A points share ensued in heat fourteen before the Australian duo of Adams and Batchelor closed the meeting in majestic style with a perfectly worked 5-1.

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