Friday April 10, 2009
ON THE NIGHT it was confirmed that Troy Batchelor will join Swindon as a full asset in the near future, the Robins collected a comprehensive seventeen point victory over an in form Coventry septet on a night of terrific Abbey Stadium action.

Thursday 9th April
Sky Sports Elite League A
Swindon Robins 56 Coventry Bees 39

1. Leigh Adams (C) 3 3 3 2* - - - 11 (1)
2. Travis McGowan 1 1 3 2* - - - 7 (1)
3. Simon Stead 1 1 F 2 - - - 4
4. Jurica Pavlic 3 3 2 3 - - - 11
5. Troy Batchelor R 2 3 3 3 2 - - 10
6. Krzysztof Stojanowski 2* 1* 0 0 - - - 3 (2)
7. Ryan Fisher 3 3 2* 1* 1* - - 10 (3)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter

1. Chris Harris 0 2 4! 1 - - - 7
2. Ben Barker 2 0 0 1* - - - 3 (1)
3. Oliver Allen F/D N N N - - - 0
4. Edward Kennett 2 6! 1 2 0 - - 11
5. Rory Schlein 2 2 3 0 3 - - 10
6. Ricky Wells 1 0 1 R - - - 2
7. Jordan Frampton F 1* 0 1 0 3 1* 6 (2)
Team Managers: Colin Pratt & Peter Oakes
Referee: Mr G Reeve

Programme Changes:
Ht 7: Frampton replaces Allen, Kennett TR!, Ht 10: Frampton replaces Allen, Ht 11: Harris TR!, Ht 12: Frampton replaces Allen.

Ht 1: Adams, Barker, McGowan, Harris, 66.46 (4-2)
Ht 2: Fisher, Stojanowski, Wells, Frampton f, 67.80 (9-3)
Ht 3: (re-run) Pavlic, Kennett, Stead, Allen f/d 66.68 (13-5)
Ht 4: Fisher, Schlein, Frampton, Batchelor ret, 66.68. (16-8)
Ht 5: Pavlic, Harris, Stead, Barker, 65.92 (20-10)
Ht 6: Adams, Schlein, McGowan, 66.58 (24-12)
Ht 7: Kennett TR!, Batchelor, Stojanowski, Frampton, 67.27 (27-18)
Ht 8: McGowan, Fisher, Frampton, Barker f.rem, 67.08 (32-19)
Ht 9: Schlein, Pavlic, Wells, Stead f, 67.77 (34-23)
Ht 10: Adams, McGowan, Kennett, Frampton, 67.49 (39-24)
Ht 11: Batchelor, Harris TR!, Barker, Stojanowski, 65.24 (42-29)
Ht 12: Frampton, Stead, Fisher, Wells ret, 67.80 (45-32)
Ht 13: Batchelor, Adams, Harris, Schlein, 66.59 (50-33)
Ht 14: Pavlic, Kennett, Frampton, Stojanowski, 68.56 (53-36)
Ht 15: Schlein (G) Batchelor (R) Fisher (B) Kennett (Y) 66.74 (56-39)

THE ROBINS led throughout and successfully repelled two tactical rider from the Bees who were hampered by the early withdrawal of Oliver Allen. The British rider collided with Swindon’s Jurica Pavlic in heat three and suffered a shoulder injury in what was a nasty looking second bend fall.

Swindon’s hefty seventeen point margin of victory wasn’t reflective of the quality of racing on offer as the revamped Blunsdon circuit continued to impress by providing an array of differing racing lines.

The Robins’ score chart was topped by a characteristically tenacious performance from Ryan Fisher who continued his superb start to the 2009 campaign by conjuring a thoroughly impressive paid thirteen point contribution.

Elsewhere, Swindon Captain Leigh Adams notched his second maximum of the season and the Australian’s paid twelve point haul was excellently acquired.

Jurica Pavlic contributed a superb eleven point score and the talented Croatian sent the Blunsdon crowd into raptures with a heat fourteen, fourth lap, double back straight pass on the opposition pairing of Edward Kennett and Jordan Frampton.

Pavlic’s memorable move saw the youngster sniff out an unorthodox route through the centre of the Coventry duo after stalking them intently for three laps. His audacious manoeuvre coaxed the legendary Blunsdon roar from the Abbey Stadium terraces.

Troy Batchelor recovered from a first heatengine failiure by posting a ten point score from his five ride schedule.

Compatriot Travis McGowan also enjoyed a decent night by collecting paid eight whilst Simon Stead endured a difficult evening and mustered a four point return. The Swindon number three fell heavily on the fourth bend of heat nine whilst under pressure from Coventry’s Rory Schlein but thankfully emerged unscathed from the nasty looking incident.

Coventry’s score chart was headed by British International Edward Kennett whose eleven point haul included a heat seven tactical ride victory. Rory Schlein provided Kennnet with decent support as did Jordan Frampton who amassed a paid eight point haul from the reserve berth.

The meeting got underway in trademark fashion as Leigh Adams rode to a tapes to flag victory in heat one. Coventry’s Ben Barker forged a route past Travis McGowan into to second spot but the Swindon rider rode cleverly to halt the charge of Chris Harris.

The Robins’ reserve pairing of Fisher and Sojanowski romped to a comfortable heat two 5-1 to move Swindon’s early lead to six points.

An over zealous Oliver Allen collided with Jurica Pavlic on lap two of heat three and the Coventry rider was disqualified from the re-run.

Pavlic and Stead combined for a 4-2 in the restaging before Ryan Fisher’s rich vein of form continued with a heat four win. Pavlic and Stead combined again in race five to extend Swindon’s advantage to ten points before Adams and McGowan notched a second successive 4-2 in heat six.

Coventry’s Edward Kennett was nominated for a tactical ride in heat seven and the British rider didn’t disappoint as he powered to victory. The 6-3 in the visitor’s favout narrowed Swindon’s lead to nine points but a well worked heat nine 5-1 from McGowan and Fisher bolstered the Robins’ advantage.

An action packed heat nine ensued as Simon Stead and Jurica Pavlic team rode to repel the persistent challenge of Coventry’s Rory Schlein.

The Swindon pairing prevailed for the the majority of the race but a shrewd last lap, second bend from Schlein saw the Australian sneak up the inside of the Robins’ pairing and assume the lead.

Swindon’s Simon Stead attempted to regain the ascendancy with a wide pits bend blast but the Brit collided heavily with the airfence. Thankfully Stead was able to walk away from the incident after some brief medical attention.

Adams and McGowan registered a comfortable heat ten 5-1 before Troy Batchelor successfully phased out the effectiveness of Chris Harris’ tactical ride in the ensuing race.

A lightening fast get away saw Coventry’s Jordan Frampton take victory in race twelve before Adams and Batchelor reigned supreme in an intense heat thirteen.

Jurica Pavlic conjured a breathtaking last lap, back straight pass in heat fourteen to roar past both Coventry riders in a move that will live long in the Blunsdon memory.

Rory Schlein took victory in the concluding race but Swindon’s seventeen point margin victory means Alun Rossiter's side collected all Elite league points on offer.

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