Monday April 20, 2009
THE MIGHTY Leigh Adams continued to re-write the record books when he became the first rider in British speedway history to reach the landmark of 10,000 points in official competitions, as the Robins collected another 3 league points courtesy of a 53-40 success over a lively Peterborough outfit at the Abbey.

Played out in front of the Sky Sports cameras, Adams showed sensational form to head his side’s scoring on 14 points, his tally including a monumental heat six victory that saw him stalk Niels-Kristian Iversen for almost the entire race, before brilliantly cutting inside exiting the final bend and narrowly winning the drive to the line.

Monday 20th April 2009
Sky Sports Elite League ‘A’
Swindon Robins 53 Peterborough Panthers 40

1. Leigh Adams 3 3 3 2 3 - - 14
2. Travis McGowan 1 0 3 0 - - - 4
3. Jurica Pavlic 3 1 2 1 - - - 7
4. Simon Stead 0 3 1* 2 - - - 6 (1)
5. Troy Batchelor 3 1 3 1* 1 - - 9 (1)
6. Krzysztof Stojanowski 2* 0 1 1* - - - 4 (2)
7. Ryan Fisher 3 1 2* 3 - - - 9 (1)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter

1. Kenneth Bjerre 2 2 2 0 - - - 6
2. Ales Dryml 0 0 1 0 - - - 1
3. Karol Zabik 1* 2* 2 2 - - - 7 (2)
4. Mads Korneliussen 2 6! 1* 3 0 - - 12 (1)
5. Niels Kristian Iversen 2 2 3 3 2 - - 12
6. Andrew Tully F 1 0 - - - - 1(1)
7 Kenneth Hansen 1 0 0 0 0 - - 1
Team Manager: Trevor & Wayne Swales
Referee: Mr P Griffin

Programme Changes:
Heat 7:Korneliussen TR, Ht 12: Hansen replaces Tully.

Peterborough win the toss and take 1 & 3

Ht 1: Adams, Bjerre, McGowan, Dryml 65.21 (4-2)
Ht 2: Fisher, Stojanowski, Hansen, Tully, 66.11 (9-3)
Ht 3: Pavlic, Kormeliussen, Zabik, Stead, 66.27 (12-6)
Ht 4: Batchelor, Iversen, Fisher, Hansen 66.93 (16-8)
Ht 5: Stead, Bjerre, Pavlic, Dryml 65.30 65.30 (20-10)
Ht 6: Adams, Iversen, Tully, McGowan (23-13) 66.17
Ht 7: Korneliussen TR!, Zabik, Batchelor, Stojanowski (24-21) 66.55
Ht 8: McGowan, Fisher, Dryml. Hansem (29-22) 67.27
Ht 9: Iversen, Pavlic, Stead, Tully 66.68 (32-25) 66.68
Ht 10: Adams, Zabik, Korneliussen, McGowan 66.05 (35-28)
Ht 11: Batchelor, Bjerre, Stojanowski, Dryml 66.20 (39-30)
Ht 12: Fisher, Zabik, Pavlic, Hansen, 67.18 (43-32)
Ht 13: Iversen, Adams, Batchelor, Bjerre 66.59 (46-35)
Ht 14: Korneliussen, Stead, Stojanowski, Hansen 67.20 (49-38)
Ht 15: Adams(B) Iversen(Y)Batchelor(R) Korneliussen(G) 66.40 (53-40)

ON a night of fast paced Blunsdon action the Robins continued their solid start to the 2009 campaign with a well deserved thirteen point victory over Peterborough.

Leigh Adams’ fourteen point haul topped the Swindon score chart and the Australian received strong support from Troy Batchelor and Ryan Fisher, both of whom contributed paid ten point hauls.

A paid six contribution from the tenacious Krzysztof Stojanowski also proved popular and the Pole notched a paid win in his opening heat.

Peterborough were well served by their exciting Danish duo of Niels Kristian Iversen and Mads Korneliussen. Not surprisingly, the latter showed plenty of Blunsdon track craft as he registered a paid thirteen point score.

Leigh Adams collected a stylish heat one victory after conjuring a lap one, back straight pass of the fast starting Kenneth Bjerre. Travis McGowan and Ales Dryml indulged in a scrap for third place but it was McGowan who prevailed to ensure Swindon notched an opening heat 4-2.

Swindon extended their early advantage to six points with a well worked heat two 5-1 from the in form Ryan Fisher and exciting Stojanowski. Fisher rode to an untroubled victory whilst Stojanowski repelled a strong challenge from Andrew Tully.

A terrific heat three ensued as Jurica Pavlic collected a comfortable victory after a strong first bend saw the talented Croatian hit the front. The Peterborough pairing of Mads Korneliussen and Kaol Zabik filled the minor placings to ensure a points share.

Troy Batchelor and Ryan Fisher combined to collect a 4-2 in heat four before Stead and Pavlic notched a second successive 4-2 in heat five which shuffled Swindon’s lead to ten points.

A terrific heat six duel ensued as Niels Kristian Iversen and Leigh tussled throughout. It was Iversen who made the better get away and the Dane led for a majority of the race but a tenacious Adams engineered a final bend cut back to take victory by the narrowest of margins.

Peterborough reduced Swindon’s lead to just three points with a superbly worked heat seven tactical ride which saw Mads Korneliussen and Karol Zabik romp to victory.

Travis McGowan and Ryan Fisher issued the perfect response with a hard fought 5-1 in heat eight, Fisher forged an entertaining route past Peterborough’s Ales Dryml into second spot.

The impressive Niels Kristian Iversen collected victory in heat nine before Leigh Adams took his British Speedway points tally past the 10,000 mark with a comfortable race ten win.

With Swindon nurturing a seven point advantage Troy Batchelor and Krzysztof Stojanowski collected a 4-2 race advantage in heat eleven.

The hugely impressive Ryan Fisher concluded his evening in fine style with a race twelve victory and the American rode excellently to repel a persistent challenge from Peterborough’s Karol Zabik.

Niels Kristian Iversen continued his impressive form with a well deserved heat thirteen victory which saw the Dane engineer a fabulous turn two outside blast to take the lead.

Mads Korneliussen showed every inch of his Blunsdon track craft to register a heat fourteen victory and with the Swindon pairing filling the minor placings it meant Swindon had collected all three Elite league points on offer.

Adams collected a comprehensive heat fifteen victory as Troy Batchelor successfully kept Kenneth Bjerre at bay to register a Swindon 4-2.

It concluded a good night for Swindon who will be hoping to continue their strong start to the season on Thursday evening when Alun Rossiter's side travel to Coventry's Brandon stadium for a re-arranged Sky Sports Elite League A meeting.

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