Thursday May 07, 2009
SWINDON roared back to the top of the Sky Sports Elite League table after registering a 17-point victory against Poole.

A paid 13-point tally from Simon Stead topped the Robins' score-chart and the British rider received solid support from Leigh Adams, who notched a paid 12-point maximum.

Amazingly, that was the 108th unbeaten total (50 full and 58 paid) in Adams' glittering career with the Robins, which now stretches to 483 appearances in all competitions.

Travis McGowan also enjoyed a productive night and contributed a well-acquired paid 12 points from a five ride schedule.

Leigh Adams (C) 3 2* 2* 3 - - - 10 (2)
Travis McGowan 2* 3 3 3 0 - - 11 (1)
Jurica Pavlic 0 3 1* 3 - - - 7 (1)
Troy Batchelor 2 1 2 3 - - - 8
Simon Stead 2 3 2 2* 3 - - 12 (1)
Krzysztof Stojanowski D 2* 1* 2* - - - 5 (3)
Ryan Fisher M 1* 2* F - - - 3 (2)
Team manager: Alun Rossiter

Bjarne Pedersen (C) R 2 6 1 1* - - 10 (1)
Ales Dryml 1 3 0 1 0 - - 5
Joe Screen R/R
Daniel Davidsson 1 R 0 1* R - - 2 (1)
Chris Holder 3 1 6 1 R 2 - 13
Tomasz Piszcz 3 R 0 T - - - 3
Paul Hurry 2* 0 1 R 2 1 - 6 (1)
Team manager: Neil Middleditch
Referee: Dave Robinson

Ht 1: Adams, McGowan, Dryml, Pedersen (ret), 64.83 (5-1)
Ht 2: (Re-Run) Piszcz, Hurry, Fisher (15 met; disq, 2 mins), Stojanowski (f, disq), 68.15 (5-6)
Ht 3: Dryml, Batchelor, Davidsson, Pavlic, 66.30 (7-10)
Ht 4: Holder, Stead, Fisher, Hurry, 65.14 (10-13)
Ht 5: Pavlic, Pedersen, Batchelor, Dryml, 65.65 (14-15)
Ht 6: McGowan, Adams, Holder, Piszcz (ret), 67.08 (19-16)
Ht 7: Stead, Stojanowski, Hurry, Davidsson (ret), 67.71 (24-17)
Ht 8: McGowan, Fisher, Dryml, Hurry (ret), 67.52 (29-18)
Ht 9: Holder (TR), Batchelor, Pavlic, Piszcz, 66.21 (32-24)
Ht 10: McGowan, Adams, Holder, Davidsson, 67.87 (37-25)
Ht 11: (Re-Run) Pedersen (TR), Stead, Stojanowski, Dryml, 68.08 (40-31)
Ht 12: (Re-Run) Pavlic, Hurry, Davidsson, Fisher (fell), Piszcz (ex, tapes), 68.21 (43-34)
Ht 13: Adams, Stead, Pedersen, Holder (ret), 67.49 (48-35)
Ht 14: Batchelor, Stojanowski, Hurry, Davidsson (ret), 68.18 (53-36)
Ht 15: Stead (r), Holder (y), Pedersen (g), McGowan (b), 67.99 (56-39)

Programme changes:
Ht 3: R/R Dryml; Ht 7: R/R Hurry; Ht 9: TR Holder (Double points); Ht 10: R/R Holder; Ht 11: TR Pedersen (Double points); Ht 12: R/R Davidsson; Hurry replaced Piszcz in the re-run.

NOTE: Under the league scoring system introduced for 2009, Swindon gained 3 points and Poole received 0.

ON AN eventful night of action at the Abbey Stadium, the Robins regained top spot in the Sky Sports Elite League courtesy of a comprehensive success over reigning Champions Poole.

Rain fell intermittently throughout the meeting, although the Blunsdon track surface held up well despite the testing conditions.

Poole made a decent start to the encounter, but the Robins gathered momentum at the mid-way stage and limited the effectiveness of Poole’s two tactical rides.

Swindon’s scorecard was headed by Stead, whose paid 13 return was well-crafted. Skipper Adams notched a paid 12-point maximum, whilst McGowan showed good pace to register a paid 12 figure from his five outings.

Elsewhere, Jurica Pavlic’s paid 8-point haul included two heat victories, whilst Troy Batchelor also contributed an 8-point return.

Krzysztof Stojanowski’s solid form continued as the popular Polish reserve conjured a paid 8 tally, whilst Ryan Fisher contributed a paid 5 score.

Chris Holder top-scored for Poole with 13 points, whilst Pirates’ captain Bjarne Pedersen notched a paid 11 haul.

Adams and McGowan combined for a 5-1 in the opening heat and successfully fended off the challenge from Poole’s Ales Dryml.

An eventful heat two ensued, which saw fall on bend three of lap one in the initial staging and the tenacious reserve was disqualified from the re-run.

Mechanical gremlins struck Fisher in the re-staging of the heat and the American wasn’t able to take his place at the tapes in time for the re-run.

Fisher, starting from a 15-metre handicap, was then disqualified from the race for again failing to meet the 2-minute time allowance.

The disqualification of both Swindon riders meant the Poole pairing of Paul Hurry and Tomasz Piszcz completed the race unchallenged to register a 5-0 dvantage.

The Pirates’ pairing of Dryml and Daniel Davidsson combined for a 4-2 in heat three, as the Dorset side extended their lead to a 3-point margin.

Talented Australian youngster Chris Holder registered a quick heat four victory, as the Swindon duo of Stead and Fisher filled the minor placings to ensure a points-share.

Batchelor and Pavlic combined well to register a heat five 4-2, before Adams and McGowan propelled Swindon into the ascendancy with a heat six maximum.

Two further Robins’ 5-1 advantages quickly ensued as Swindon constructed an 11-point advantage after heat eight.

Holder collected victory whilst on a tactical ride in heat nine and the resultant 6-3 in Poole’s favour narrowed Swindon’s lead to 8 points.

Adams and McGowan bolstered the Robins’ advantage with an excellently acquired heat ten 5-1, before Pedersen collected 6 points in heat eleven as Poole opted to use their second tactical ride of the night.

Pavlic romped to a deserved heat twelve victory, before Adams and Stead eased to a perfect 5-1 in heat thirteen. An identical result quickly followed in heat fourteen as Batchelor and Stojanowski combined to keep Hurry at bay.

A scintillating heat fifteen ride saw Stead brilliantly forge routes past both Pedersen and Holder to collect a popular victory.

It concluded another good night for Swindon, who now nurture a 2-point advantage at the head of the Sky Sports Elite League table.

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