Monday May 11, 2009
ON A TRULY extraordinary night of Sky Sports Elite League action, Swindon fell to a 50-41 defeat against Eastbourne in a live televised clash.

In a meeting besieged by a succession of serious crashes, the Robins were without their reserve pairing of Ryan Fisher and Krzysztof Stojanowski for the second segment of the meeting after both riders were forced to withdraw due to separate falls.

Eastbourne Eagles 50 Swindon Robins 41
Sky Sports Elite League A, Monday 11 May

Davey Watt (C) 0 3 3 2 N - - 8
David Norris 1 D 2 N - - - 3
Lewis Bridger 3 2 3 3 N - - 11
Cameron Woodward 2* 1* 2* 3 3 - - 11 (3)
Lukas Dryml 1 2* 0 0 0 - - 3 (1)
Ricky Kling 1 3 1 2* 2* - - 9 (2)
Chris Schramm 0 3 1* 1 - - - 5 (1)
Team manager: Trevor Geer

Leigh Adams (C) 3 3 2* 6 2 - - 16 (1)
Travis McGowan 2* 0 3 3 1* - - 9 (2)
Jurica Pavlic 0 D 0 D - - - 0
Troy Batchelor 1 D 2 1 - - - 4
Simon Stead R 2 1 1 - - - 4
Krzysztof Stojanowski 2* 1* N - - - - 3 (2)
Ryan Fisher 3 2 D M - - - 5
Team manager: Alun Rossiter
Referee: Chris Gay

Ht 1: (Re-Run) Adams, McGowan, Norris, Watt, 56.2 (1-5)
Ht 2: Fisher, Stojanowski, Kling, Schramm (f, rem), 57.8 (2-10)
Ht 3: Bridger, Woodward, Batchelor, Pavlic, 57.5 (7-11)
Ht 4: Schramm, Fisher, Dryml, Stead (f, rem, ret), 57.9 (11-13)
Ht 5: Adams, Bridger, Woodward, McGowan, 56.6 (14-16)
Ht 6: (Re-Run twice) Watt, Stead, Stojanowski, Norris (disq, foul riding), 56.6 (17-19)
Ht 7: (Awarded) Kling, Dryml, Pavlic (f, disq), Batchelor (f, disq), No Time (22-19)
Ht 8: (Re-Run) McGowan, Norris, Schramm, Fisher (f, disq), 57.0 (25-22)
Ht 9: (Re-Run) Bridger, Woodward, Stead, Fisher (disq, 2 mins), Stojanowski (f, ns), 56.9 (3 riders only) (30-23)
Ht 10: (Re-Run twice) Watt, Batchelor, Kling, Pavlic, Norris (f, ns), 57.0 (34-25)
Ht 11: McGowan, Adams, Schramm, Dryml, 58.5 (35-30)
Ht 12: (Re-Run) Bridger, Kling, Pavlic (f, disq), Stojanowski (ns), 58.0 (3 riders only) (40-30)
Ht 13: Adams (TR), Watt, Stead, Dryml, 57.4 (42-37)
Ht 14: Woodward, Kling, Batchelor, Fisher (ns), 58.5 (3 riders only) (47-38)
Ht 15: (Nominated; Re-Run) Woodward (r), Adams (g), McGowan (y), Dryml (b), Bridger (b; inj, ns), Watt (r; inj, ns), 58.3 (50-41)

Programme changes:
Ht 9: Fisher replaced Stojanowski, who was unable to participate in the re-run; Ht 10: Kling replaced Norris, who was unable to participate in the re-run; Ht 11: Schramm replaced Kling; Ht 12: Kling replaced Schramm; Ht 13 TR Adams (Double points); Ht 15: Woodward replaced Watt, who was unable to participate in the re-run; Dryml replaced Bridger, who was unable to participate in the re-run.

NOTE: (1) Both Watt and Bridger were injured in the original running of the final heat and, as neither was excluded, Eastbourne were permitted to re-nominate their pairing for the re-start. The initial attempt to complete the race saw Bridger’s machine shed a chain following a clash with McGowan in the run up to the first turn; the chain lacerated Bridger’s leg before it flew up and wrapped itself around Watt’s wrist; (2) Under the league scoring system introduced for 2009, Eastbourne gained 3 points and Swindon received 0.

The Drama began immediately as a tight heat one first corner saw David Norris clatter into Leigh Adams and send the inspirational Australian into the air fence.

Thankfully Adams and Norris were able to escape from the awkward looking incident unscathed with both lining up in the re-run.

In the re-staging a well acquired 5-1 from Adams and Travis McGowan propelled Swindon into an early four point lead. A second successive 5-1 quickly ensued at Ryan Fisher and Krzysztof Stojanowski both conjured solid starts and headed the Eastbourne duo throughout.

Eagles’ number six Chris Schramm fell on the first bend of the second lap whilst pursuing the Robins’ pairing but quickly remounted.

Eastbourne halved Swindon’s eight point lead with the meeting’s third successive 5-1 score in heat three as the lively partnership of Lewis Brider and Cameron Woodward combined.

The Sussex side registered a 4-2 in heat three as Chris Schramm collected an impressive victory and Lukas Dryml’s third spot ensured Eastbourne notched an advantage.

Ryan Fisher gained a comfortable second placed finish whilst Simon Stead fell on bend one of lap three whilst comfortably holding third spot.

Leigh Adams headed Lewis Brider to ensure a points share in a super fast heat five as Swindon maintained their slender advantage.

An action packed heat six ensued in which two restarts were required. In the initial staging Eastbourne’s David Norris was the victim of a tight first corner dash and his resultant fall led to a re-start with all four riders.

Norris was once again in the thick of the action in the re-staging and executed a hard charging move underneath Robins’ reserve Krzysztof Stojanowski on turn one of lap two.

The move caused Stojanowski to fall and referee Chris Gay disqualified Norris from the re-run which was won by Eastbourne’s sole representative Davey Watt.

With Swindon nurturing a two point advantage a bizarre heat seven ensued as Swindon conceded a 5-0 due to unrelated, but simultaneous, falls for both Jurica Pavlic and Troy Batchelor on turn two of lap three.

Pavlic drifted ride and slipped into the air fence whilst Batchelor found too much middle corner grip and was flung from the rear of his machine which went on to strike Pavlic’s stricken bike. The referee had no choice but to award Eastbourne a 5-0 score which handed the Sussex side a three point lead.

Another nasty incident followed in heat eight as Ryan Fisher, whilst in third spot, picked up traction on bend one of lap two and was thrown from his machine. Eastbourne’s Chris Schramm was in close attendance and was unable to avoid Fisher who felt the full force of his opponent’s machine.

Thankfully both riders were able to walk unaided back to the pits area but Fisher was excluded from the re-run. Travis McGowan collected victory in the re-staging to ensure Swindon only trailed by a three point margin.

More drama ensued in heat nine as a terrible looking first bend incident between Cameron Woodward and Krzysztof Stojanowski brought the race to a premature conclusion.

Muscled out in a hectic charge to the first corner, Woodward fell directly in front of Stojanowski who collided with the Australian legs and then fell nastily into the air fence.

Stojanowski received on track medical attention and was forced to withdraw from the remainder of the meeting. Ryan Fisher was drafted in as a replacement for ‘Stoj’ in the re-staging of heat eight but the American was clearly feeling the effects of his earlier spill and was quickly forced to return to the pits before the race got underway.

Lewis Bridger and Cameron Woodward took victory in the re-run which extended Eastbourne’s lead to seven points.

Heat ten brought more incident as Troy Batchelor and David Norris were involved in a frightening lap one, turn two incident. The duo locked together and were then flung from their machines with alarming ferocity.

Norris suffered an arm injury and was forced to withdraw from the meeting whilst Batchelor was able to take his place in the re-staging.

The incident took place immediately after meeting referee Chris Gay had actioned the red lights for an unsatisfactory start to the race which meant neither rider was excluded. Davey Watt took victory in the re-staging to extend Eastbourne’s lead to nine points.

Adams and McGowan steadied Swindon with a well worked heat eleven 5-1 which reduced the deficit to five points.

With both Swindon reserves having officially withdrawn from the meeting, the Robins were left with just one competitor in heat twelve. Jurica Pavlic made a decent start and looked to set to roar round the outside of the Eagles’ pairing but picked up some unwanted grip on the apex of turn one which flung the Croatian aggressively into the air fence.

Thankfully Pavlic was able to walk back to the pits area but his subsequent disqualification meant Eastbourne collected a 5-0 in the re-staging of the race.

With Swindon trailing by ten points, Alun Rossiter nominated Leigh Adams for a heat thirteen tactical ride and the Robins’ skipper didn’t disappoint. His race win and Simon Stead’s third spot, Swindon were able to narrow Eastbourne’s lead to five points with just two races remaining.

Eastbourne collected a 5-1 over Swindon’s sole representative in heat fourteen, Troy Batchelor, which secured the overall victory for the Sussex side.

Trailing by nine points. The Robins still had a chance to glean a point from the encounter going into heat fifteen. An unsatisfactory start to the race due to a coming together between Travis McGowan and Lewis Brider which resulted in injuries for both Eastbourne riders. Bridger’s leg was struck by a broken chain whilst Davey Watt appeared to have been hit on the wrist by fragments of metal from the aforementioned chain.

Eastbourne were forced to change their nominated riders with Cameron Woodward and Lukas Dryml replacing the original duo.

In the re-staging Swindon gated on a 5-1 but were thwarted by a tremendous swoop by Cameron Woodward on bends three and four of the penultimate lap. The resultant 3-3 meant the Robins were unable to gain an Elite league point.

It concluded an absolutely extraordinary night of Sky Sports Elite League speedway.

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