Monday May 18, 2009
SWINDON fell to a twelve point defeat at Wolverhampton on a night of hard fought Elite league speedway in the Midlands.

Monday 18th May, Sky Sports Elite League ‘A’
Wolverhampton Wolves 53 Swindon Robins 41

1. Peter Karlsson (C) 3 2* 3 2* 2 - - 12 (2)
2. Nicolai Klindt 1 3 3 2* - - - 9 (1)
3. Tai Woffinden 3 1* 3 3 0 - - 10 (1)
4. Adam Skornicki 2* 2 2* 3 - - - 9 (2)
5. Freddie Lindgren 3 3 3 3 - - - 12
6. Hynek Stichauer 0 0 D D - - - 0
7. Ty Proctor 1 0 0 0 - - - 1
Team Manager: Peter Adams

1. Leigh Adams (C) 2 3 4! 1 3 - - 13
2. Troy Batchelor 0 0 2 1* - - - 3 (1)
3. Jurica Pavlic 1 2 0 4! 1 - - 8
4. Travis McGowan 0 1* 1 2 - - - 4 (1)
5. Simon Stead: 1* 1 1 0 - - - 3 (1)
6. Krzysztof Stojanowski 3 0 0 - - - 3
7. Ryan Fisher: 2* 2 1* 1* 1* - - 7 (4)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter
Referee: Mr Dave Watters

Swindon win the toss and take 1&3

Programme Changes
Ht 11: Adams TR!, Ht 12: Pavlic TR! Fisher replaces Stojanowski.

Ht 1: Karlsson, Adams, Klindt, Batchelor, 54.8 (4-2)
Ht 2: Stojanowski, Fisher, Proctor, Stichauer, 57.08 (5-7)
Ht 3: Woffinden, Skornicki, Pavlic, McGowan, 55.92 (10-8)
Ht 4: Lindgren, Fisher, Stead, Proctor, 56.02 (13-11)
Ht 5: Adams, Skornicki, Woffinden, Batchelor, 55.88 (16-14)
Ht 6: (Re-Run) Klindt, Karlsson, Stead, Stojanowksi, 55.61 (21-15)
Ht 7: Lindgren, Pavlic, McGowan, Stichauer, 56.30 (24-18)
Ht 8: Klindt, Batchelor, Fisher, Proctor, 56.31 (27-21)
Ht 9: Woffinden, Skornicki, Stead, Stojanowski, (32-22) 57.15
Ht 10: Karlsson, Klindt, McGowan, Pavlic, (37-23) 57.20
Ht 11: (Re-Run) Lindgren, Adams TR!, Batchelor, Stichauer (f, disq), (40-28) 56.59
Ht 12: Woffinden, Pavlic TR!, Fisher, Proctor, 56.83(43-33)
Ht 13: Lindgren, Karlsson, Adams, Stead, 57.08 (48-34)
Ht 14: (Awarded) Skornicki, McGowan, Fisher, Stichauer (f, disq) (51-37)
Ht 15: Adams (Y) Karlsson (R) Pavlic (G) Woffinden (B), 57.15 (53-41)

SWINDON suffered their third Elite League loss of the 2009 season at the hands of a solid Wolverhampton side who displayed great top five strength throughout.

The Robins were restricted to three heat victories during the course of the evening as the home side stamped their authority on the encounter and in doing so consolidated their top spot in the Sky Sports Elite League table

A heat two 5-1 from the Swindon reserve pairing of Fisher and Stojanowski handed Alun Rossiter’s side a brief two point lead but a strong middle sector from Wolverhampton saw the Monmore Green side conjure a commanding fourteen point advantage.

Successive tactical rides in heats eleven and twelve did reduce the Wolves’ advantage but the Robins were unable to generate momentum in the latter stages.

Swindon’s score chart was headed by Leigh Adams who contributed a thirteen point haul from his five ride schedule. The Australian received support from Ryan Fisher who amassed a paid eleven haul whilst Jurica Pavlic notched an eight point score.

Simon Stead and Troy Batchelor both registered paid four point contributions whilst Travis McGowan mustered a tally of paid five.

Wolverhampton were well served by their veteran Captain Peter Karlsson whose paid fourteen point score was superbly acquired.

His compatriot Freddie Lindgren collected a flawless twelve point maximum whilst the middle order of Klindt, Woffinden and Skornicki all notched double figure scores.

A heat one 4-2 from Karlsson and Klindt handed Wolverhampton an early advantage. However, an excellently worked 5-1 in the enusuing heat from Ryan Fisher and Krzysztof Stojanowski shuffled Swindon into a two point lead.

Tai Woffinden and Adam Skornicki overturned the Robins’ advantage with a heat three 5-1 which saw both Wolverhampton riders pass Jurica Pavlic who held the ascendancy in the early stages.

The in-form Freddie Lingdren cruised to heat four victory whilst Ryan Fisher and Ty Proctor indulged in a fabulous scrap for second spot.

Eventually it was Fisher who prevailed with Simon Stead also getting the better of Proctor in the closing stages.

Leigh Adams collected victory in heat five and was joined out front by Troy Batchelor in the opening part of the race. However, the Wolves duo of Skornicki and Woffinden nipped past Batchelor which brought a second successive drawn heat.

Wolverhampton moved into a six point advantage with a well worked heat six 5-1 before Lindgren’s impressive speed continued with a race seven victory.

Troy Batchelor and Ryan Fisher filled the minor placings in race eight to ensure a points share before the lively duo of Skornicki and Woffinden extended Wolverhampton’s lead with a heay nine 5-1.

Karlsson and Klindt increased the Wolves’ lead to fourteen with a heat ten 5-1 over McGowan and Pavlic.

Leigh Adams was nominated for a double points ride in a re-run heat eleven which saw Wolverhampton reserve Hynek Stichauer fall in the first staging.

Freddie Lindgren took victory in the re-run and the Swedish youngster produced a tenacious lap three pass of Adams to collect victory. The resultant 5-3 in Swindon’s favour reduced the Wolves’ advantage to twelve points.

A second tactical move quickly followed for Swindon in heat twelve as Jurica Pavlic was handed the black and white helmet cover. The Croatian’s second spot behind Tai Woffinden and Ryan Fisher’s third placed finish saw Swindon notch their second successive 5-3 heat advantage.

A heat thirteen 5-1 from Wolverhampton’s Swedish duo of Lindgren and Karlsson once again extended the home side’s lead to fourteen points.

A points share ensued in the penultimate race before Leigh Adams collected victory in the concluding heat to move his personal tally for the evening to thirteen points.

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