Thursday May 21, 2009
CORY GATHERCOLE registered a career best Elite league score as Swindon triumphed by eight points against Wolverhampton.

Thursday 21st May 2009, Sky Sports Elite League 'A'
Swindon vs Wolverhampton

1.Leigh Adams 2 2 3 3 3 - - 13
2.Travis McGowan 1* 1* 2 0 - - - 4 (2)
3.Jurica Pavlic 3 2* 3 2 0 - - 10 (1)
4. Simon Stead D 3 1 3 - - - 7
5.Troy Batchelor D - - - - - - 0
6.Krzysztof Stojanowski 2* 0 0 0 - - - 2 (1)
7.Cory Gathercole 3 3 3 1* 3 1* D 14 (2)
Team manager: Alun Rossiter

1.Peter Karlsson 3 1 4! 1* 1* 10 (2)
2.Nicolai Klindt R/R
3.Tai Woffinden 2 1* 3 1* 3 - - 10 (2)
4.Adam Skornicki 1* 2 2 2 - - - 7 (1)
5.Freddie Lindgren 2 3 2 2 2 - - 11
6.Hynek Stichauer 0 1 0 0 D 0 - 1
7.Chris Kerr 0 1* 0 1* 1* - - 3 (3)
Team Manager: Peter Adams
Referee: Ronnie Allan

Swindon win the toss & take 2/4

Programme Changes:
Ht 1: Stichauer R/R, Ht 5: Stichauer R/R, Ht 7: Gathercole replaces Batchelor, Ht 8: Woffinden R/R, Ht 11: Gathercole replaces Batchelor, Karlsson TR!, Kerr R/R, Ht 13: Stojanowski replaces Batchelor, Ht 14: Gathercole replaces Stojanowski

Ht 1:Karlsson, Adams, McGowan, Stichauer 65.52 (3-3)
Ht 2:Gathercole, Stojanowski, Stichauer, Kerr 65.87 (8-4)
Ht 3:(Awarded) Pavlic, Woffinden, Skornicki, Stead (f,disq) (11-7)
Ht 4:(Re-Run) Gathercole, Lindgren, Kerr, Batchelor (f,disq), 67.49 (14-10)
Ht 5:Stead, Pavlic, Karlsson, Stichauer, 66.55 (19-11)
Ht 6:Lindgren, Adams, McGowan, Stichauer 64.71 (22-14)
Ht 7:Gathercole, Skornicki, Woffinden, Stojanowski 66.64 (25-17)
Ht 8: Woffinden, McGowan, Gathercole, Kerr, 66.83 (28-20)
Ht 9: (Awarded) Pavlic, Lindgren, Stead, Stichauer (f,disq) (32-22)
Ht 10: Adams, Skornicki, Woffinden, McGowan 65.89 (35-25)
Ht 11: Gathercole, Karlsson TR!, Kerr, Stojanowski, 66.80 (38-30)
Ht 12: Woffinden, Pavlic, Gathercole, Stichauer, 66.77 (41-33)
Ht 13: Adams, Lindgren, Karlsson, Stojanowski, 66.84 (44-36)
Ht 14: (Re-Run) Stead, Skornicki, Kerr, Gathercole (f,disq), 67.72 (47-39)
Ht 15: Adams (R) Lindgren (G) Karlsson (Y) Pavlic (B) 66.36 (50-42)

CORY GATHERCOLE registered a career best Elite league score as Swindon triumphed by eight points over Wolverhampton.

The popular Australian notched a bumper paid sixteen point haul as Swindon maintained their unblemished 2009 Abbey Stadium record by securing all three Elite league points on offer.

Gathercole was simply sensational and excelled in the reserve berth from where he embarked on a seven ride schedule.

The Australian was thrust into the thick of the action after his compatriot Troy Batchelor was forced to withdraw from the meeting after a nasty heat four spill.

Elsewhere, Leigh Adams collected a thirteen point score from five outings whilst Jurica Pavlic conjured a well acquired paid eleven points.

Swindon led throughout and nurtured an eight point lead after heat five, the advantage was extended to ten points after heat nine.

Wolverhampton’s tactical move was thwarted by the excellence of Gathercole who inflicted defeat on Peter Karlsson in heat ten.

Wolverhampton’s score chart was headed jointly by Peter Karlsson and Tai Woffinden, both of whom contributed paid twelve point scores.

Freddie Lindgren provided excellent entertainment whilst Adam Skornicki notched paid eight.

Wolverhampton's experienced Captain Peter Karlsson conjured a lightening fast start in the opener to head the field into turn one.

The Swede rode shrewdly throughout to repel the persistent challenge of Leigh Adams who experimented with varying lines in an attempt to pass the Swede.

Further back Travis McGowan comfortably held off the challenge of Hynek Stichauer to ensure an opening race points share.

Swindon took the lead in heat two as the Swindon reserve duo of Gathercole and Stojanowski rode to a comfortable victory.

Out front, Gathercole blazed a super fast trail and recorded an impressive winning time of 65.87 whilst Stojanowski rode well to maintain second spot.

The meeting's second 3-3 followed in an action packed heat three. Swindon's Jurica Pavlic led from the tapes as Simon Stead recovered from a poor start to charge through the field.

However, the British rider fell whilst mounting a challenge for second spot on bend three of lap three which saw the race stopped and awarded.

The initial staging of heat four was halted on the opening lap due to a heavy fall for Troy Batchelor on turn three.

The Australian youngster was flung from his machine vigorously and took no further part in the meeing. In the re-staging Wolverhampton's Swedish star Freddie Lindgren hit the front but a puncture in the latter stages saw Cory Gathercole roar past the Swedish International and collect his second win of the night.

Stead and Pavlic bolstered Swindon’s lead to eight points with a well worked 5-1 in the ensuing heat before Wolverhampton’s impressive Lindgren notched a well deserved heat six win.

The superb Cory Gathercole continued his blistering pace to notch victory in heat seven which maintained Swindon’s eight point advantage. Gathercole again registered a quick race time and out paced the Wolverhampton duo of Skornicki and Woffinden.

Eighteen year old Woffinden showcased his undoubted talent with a heat eight victory which saw the British rider indulge in an engaging battle with Travis McGowan. The resultant points share maintained Swindon’s eight point lead.

Jurica Pavlic rode well to register victory over Wolverhampton’s Freddie Lindgren in an awarded heat nine, the race was prematurely curtailed due to a fall for Wolves’ reserve Hynek Stichauer on turn one.

Leigh Adams collected his first heat victory of the night In race ten and the Australian rode to an untroubled three points. Further back, Travis McGowan and Tai Woffinden indulged in a fabulous scrap which eventually saw the Wolverhampton rider prevail.

Cory Gathercole rode a stunning heat eleven race to inflict defeat on Wolverhampton Captain Peter Karlsson whilst the Swede was nominated for a tactical ride.

The Swindon reserve made a fabulous start and simply out paced Karlsson who had no answer for Gathercole’s superior speed.

The resultant 5-3 in Wolverhampton’s favour narrowed Swindon’s lead to eight points, a margin that was kept constant by two consecutive points shares in heats twelve and thirteen.

An eventful heat fourteen ensued as Cory Gathercole fell on the first bend of lap two whilst leading the race. Wolverhampton’s Adam Skornicki was unable to avoid the stricken Gathercole and struck his machine with force. T

hankfully both riders were able to walk away from the incident which had been caused by a loose fuel cap on Gathercole’s machine resulting in Methanol affecting the vision of the Australian youngster.

In the re-staging Simon Stead overcame Adam Skornicki to collect victory and maintain Swindon’s eight point advantage.

Leigh Adams ensured Swindon took all league points on offer with a characteristically smooth heat fifteen victory. The Robins’ skipper fended off challenges from both Wolverhampton riders in the early stages to notch an important final race win.

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