Thursday May 28, 2009
NEW ROBINS' signing Matej Zagar roared to a paid thirteen score as Swindon scooped three Elite league points courtesy of a comfortable 54-36 victory over Lakeside

Thursday 28th May 2009, Sky Sports Elite League A
Swindon Robins 54 Lakeside Hammers 36

Swindon Robins
1.Leigh Adams 3 3 2 2* - - - 10(1)
2.Simon Stead 1 1 3 0 - - - 5
3.Travis McGowan 3 2 2* 2 1 - - 10(1)
4.Jurica Pavlic 2* 1* 3 2 - - - 8(2)
5.Matej Zagar 1* 2 3 3 3 - - 12(1)
6.Krzyzstof Stojanowski D 0 1 1* - - - 2(1)
7.Cory Gathercole 3 2 2* F - - - 7(1)
Team Manager: Alun Rossiter

Lakeside Hammers
1.Adam Shields 2 3 4! 1 - - - 10
2.Joonas Kylmakorpi D 0 1 0 - - - 1
3.Kauko Nieminen 0 1 3 3 0 - - 7
4.Jonas Davidsson 1 3 1 3 2 - - 10
5.Lee Richardson 3 2 1! R - - - 6
6.Robert Mear 2 0 0 0 D Withdrawn
7.Stuart Robson F Withdrawn
Team Manager: Jon Cook
Referee: Graham Reeve

Programme Changes:
Ht 4: Mear replaces Robson, Heat 8: Mear replaces Robson, Heat 9: Richardson TR! Heat 11: Shields TR!

Ht 1: (Awarded) Adams, Shields, Stead, Kylmakorpi (f.disq) (4-2)
Ht 2: (Re-Run) Gathercole, Mear, Robson, Stojanowski (exc) (7-4) 67.84
Ht 3: McGowan, Pavlic, Davidsson, Nieminen, 67.21 (12-5)
Ht 4: Richardson, Gathercole, Zagar, Mear 66.93 (15-8)
Ht 5: Shields, McGowan, Pavlic, Kylmakorpi, 65.86 (18-11)
Ht 6: Adams, Richardson, Stead, Mear, 65.52 (22-13)
Ht 7: Davidsson, Zagar, Nieminen, 66.95 (25-17)
Ht 8: Stead, Gathercole, Kylmakorpi, Mear, 67.08 (30-18)
Ht 9: (Re-Run) Pavlic, McGowan, Richardson TR! Mear (f.disq) 66.43 (34-19)
Ht 10: Nieminen, Adams, Davidsson, Stead 66.30 (36-23)
Ht 11: Zagar, Shields TR!, Stojanowski, Kylmakorpi, 65.89 (40-27)
Ht 12: Nieminen, McGowan, Gathercole (f.ret) 67.55 (42-30) Three Riders Only
Ht 13: Zagar, Adams, Shields, Richardson 66.67 (47-31) (ret)
Ht 14: Davidsson, Pavlic, Stojanowski, 67.21 (50-34) Three Riders Only
Ht 15: Zagar (B) Davidsson (G) McGowan (R) Nieminen (Y) 67.40 (54-36)

Swindon moved back to second spot in the Sky Sports Elite League table after notching an eighteen point victory over Lakeside.

In a meeting delayed by two nasty falls, the visiting side were hampered by the withdrawal of their reserve duo who sustained injuries in separate incidents.

Firstly, Stuart Robson was ruled out of the meeting after a heat two crash whilst Robert Mear took no further part after a high speed race nine spill.

Swindon led throughout and were able to successfully repel both of Lakeside’s tactical manoeuvres in the middle sector of the meeting.

Matej Zagar enjoyed a fantastic home debut by notching a paid thirteen point haul and deservedly scooped the man of the match award. The Slovenian exuded great flair, demonstrated fantastic speed and registered successive heat wins in his final three races.

Elsewhere, Robins’ skipper Leigh Adams amassed a paid eleven point haul whilst the middle order pairing of Travis McGowan and Jurcia Pavlic both collected double figure scores.

Cory Gathercole’s impressive form continued as the Australian conjured paid eight whilst Simon Stead contributed five points from the number two slot.

Lakeside were well served by Adam Shields and Jonas Davidsson, both of whom scored paid ten. Meanwhile, Kauko Nieminen notched two race wins as he scored a seven point haul.

Swindon Captain Leigh Adams took victory in an awarded opening heat after Lakeside's Joonas Kylmakorpi fell on bend three of lap three whilst in fourth spot.

Out front, Adams had recovered from a slow start to roar past Lakeside Captain Adam Shields on the home straight of lap two.

The initial staging of race two was stopped on the first lap after a nasty looking incident involving Swindon's Krzyzstof Stojanowski and Lakeside's Stuart Robson.

The third bend, first lap crash, saw Robson hit the Blunsdon race surface hard and require medical attention.

The Lakeside rider was forced to withdraw from the remainder of the meeting. Deemed the cause of the stoppage, Swindon's Stojanowski was excluded from the re-run.

Cory Gathercole registered a comfortable tapes to flag victory in the re-staging as Lakeside's Robert Mear took second.

Travis McGowan showed great speed away from the gate and romped to an impressive heat three victory. Jurica Pavlic rode well in second place to repel the persistent challenge of Jonas Davidsson who tried numerous line to move past Pavlic. The Croatain prevailed though and his second placed finish ensured Swindon notched their first 5-1 of the evening.

Lee Richardson collected victory in heat four as Swindon's Matej Zagar battled past Lakeside's Robert Mear on the back straight of lap two to gain third spot. The resultant 3-3 maintained Swindon's early seven point advantage.

Visiting Captain Adam Shields rode a fabulous turns one and two to secure the lead on the opening lap of heat five. The Australian rode to an untroubled victory whilst the Swindon pairing of McGowan and Pavlic filled the minor placings to secure a 3-3.

Leigh Adams collected his second victory of the night in heat six and the Australian was untroubled out front. A terrific battle for third spot raged in the early stages as Lakeside's Robert Mear tussled with Simon Stead. It was the Swindon rider prevailed and the Robins' 4-2 heat advantage extended their lead to a nine points.

Lakeside struck back with a 4-2 of their own in heat seven as the pairing of Davidsson and Nieminen combined. Swindon's Matej Zagar rode well to split the visiting pair and the Slovenian flirted with Blunsdon's wider outposts as he charged past Nieminen on the back straight of lap three.

A Swindon 5-1 followed in heat eight as Stead and Gathercole recovered from slow starts to spectacularly charge through the middle of the Lakeside pairing on the second bend. The Robins' duo then romped away from the visiting riders to extend Swindon's lead to a twelve points.

Hammers' number five Lee Richardson was nominated for a tactical ride in heat nine and the British International conjured a good start in the initial staging. However, the race was prematurely curtailed when Lakeside's Robert Mear sustained a mechanical failure entering turn one of lap two which saw the young British rider suffer a heavy fall.

Injuries to Mear's hand forced him to withdraw from the meeting which left Lakeside without their reserve duo.

An absorbing re-run saw the Swindon duo of Pavlic and McGowan inflict defeat on Richardson to collect a 5-1 heat advantage that had the Blunsdon faithful roaring with approval.

Kauko Nieminen inflicted defeat on Leigh Adams in a crackerjack heat ten that saw the Swindon Captain indulge in a fabulous battle with Lakeside’s Jonas Davidsson.

Adams did just manage to take second spot but was made to work hard by the Hammers’ talented Swede.

Adam Shields was nominated for a tactical ride in race eleven but his effectiveness was limited by Matej Zagar who out paced the Australian.

Kauko Nieminen registered his second successive race win in a heat twelve that saw Lakeside only track one rider due to the withdrawal of both reserves. Swindon’s Cory Gathercole made a good start but fell on bend two of lap one but was able to clear his machine from the track.

Zagar and Adams collected a textbook heat thirteen 5-1 before Jonas Davidsson romped to victory in race fourteen.

Zagar conclunded the night in perfect fashion as the Slovenian sensation romped to a classy race win. Travis McGowan’s third placed finish ensured Swindon registered a heat fifteen 4-2 which shuffled the Robins’ overall margin of victory to eighteen points.

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