Monday June 01, 2009
MATEJ ZAGAR scorched to a flawless 15-point maximum as Swindon registered an emphatic 53-38 victory at Ipswich. The result means Alun Rossiter's side collect all 4 Elite League points on offer.

Monday 1st June 2009, Sky Sports Elite League 'A'

Jaroslaw Hampel 3 4 2 2 1 - - 12
Leigh Lanham (C) 1 1* 1* 1* - - - 4 (3)
Tobias Kroner 1* 0 2 3 - - - 6 (1)
Daniel King 2 1 1* 3 0 - - 7 (1)
Piotr Swiderski R 3 2 0 - - - 5
Dawid Stachyra 1 R D - - - - 1
Carl Wilkinson R R 2 1* 0 - - 3 (1)
Team manager: Pete Simmons

Leigh Adams (C) 2 3 3 1 - - - 9
Simon Stead 0 2* R 0 - - - 2 (1)
Jurica Pavlic 0 1* 0 1* - - - 2 (2)
Travis McGowan 3 2 3 2 2* - - 12 (1)
Matej Zagar 3 3 3 3 3 - - 15
Krzyzstof Stojanowski 2* 0 0 - - - - 2 (1)
Ryan Fisher 3 2* 3 2 1* - - 11 (2)
Team manager: Alun Rossiter
Referee: Dale Entwistle

Ht 1: Hampel, Adams, Lanham, Stead (4-2)
Ht 2: Fisher, Stojanowski, Stachyra, Wilkinson (ret) (5-7)
Ht 3: McGowan, King, Kroner, Pavlic (8-10)
Ht 4: Zagar, Fisher, Swiderski (ret), Wilkinson (ret) (8-15)
Ht 5: Adams, Stead, King, Kroner (9-20)
Ht 6: Zagar, Hampel (TR), Lanham, Stojanowski (14-23)
Ht 7: Swiderski, McGowan, Pavlic, Stachyra (ret) (17-26)
Ht 8: (Re-Run) Fisher, Wilkinson, Lanham, Stead (ret) (20-29)
Ht 9: Zagar, Kroner, King, Stojanowski (23-32)
Ht 10: McGowan, Hampel, Lanham, Pavlic (26-35)
Ht 11: Adams, Swiderski, Wilkinson, Stead (29-38)
Ht 12: Kroner, Fisher, Pavlic, Wilkinson (32-41)
Ht 13: Zagar, Hampel, Adams, Swiderski (34-45)
Ht 14: (Re-Run) King, McGowan, Fisher, Stachyra (f, disq) (37-48)
Ht 15: (Nominated; Re-Run) Zagar (y), McGowan (g), Hampel (r), King (b), Kroner (b; f, ns) (38-53)

Programme changes:
Ht 6: TR Hampel (Double points); Ht 11: Wilkinson replaced Stachyra; Ht 12: Fisher replaced Stojanowski; Ht 15: King replaced Kroner, who was unable to participate in the re-run.

NOTE: Under the league scoring system introduced for 2009, Ipswich gained 0 points and Swindon received 4.

Matej Zagar notched his first maximum in Swindon colours as the stylish Slovenian spearheaded a sensational Robins’ performance in Suffolk.

Riding as a heat leader, Zagar bagged five successive race wins and oozed style throughout as he comfortably out paced the Ipswich opposition.

The twenty six year old received strong support from a lively Travis McGowan who contributed a well acquired paid thirteen from his five ride schedule.

The Australian displayed lightening fast gating technique and solid race pace as he was beaten just twice by an opposition rider.

Meanwhile, Ryan Fisher amassed an impressive paid thirteen point haul and the American once again demonstrated bundles of tenacity throughout.

Swindon led from heat two and successfully repelled Ipswich’s tactical ride efforts.

Experienced Polish International Jarek Hampel took victory in the opener after conjuring an electric start from the gate one position. Leigh Adams settled into second spot whilst Leigh Lanham muscled past Simon Stead on the opening lap for third spot.

Swindon overhauled Ipswich's early advantage with a well acquired heat two 5-1 as Ryan Fisher and Krzyzstof Stojanowski prevailed. Ryan Fisher rode a brave first corner to grab the lead whilst Stojanowski battled from the rear to join his partner out front.

The first points share of the meeting ensued as Travis McGowan romped to a comfortable tapes to flag victory. The Ipswich duo of Daniel King and Tobias Kroner filled the minor placings as the Robins' maintained their early two point advantage.

Swindon shuffled their lead to seven points after notching a 5-0 heat advantage in race four. The Robins' duo of Zagar and Fisher hit the front from the outset, meanwhile the Ipswich partnership of Wilkinson and Swiderski both suffered mechanical failures which resulted in neither finishing the race.

Swindon's continued their strong early meeting momentum with a 5-1 in race five through the Adams and Stead combination. The Robins' pairing were largely untroubled out front as they out paced the Ipswich duo.

Trailing by eleven points, Ipswich nominated Jarek Hampel for a tactical ride in heat six. The Ipswich rider has his double points attempt thwarted by a tenacious ride from Matej Zagar who roared underneath the Pole on the back straight of the opening lap to grab the lead.

The Slovenian repelled strong pressure from Jarek Hampel to register his second successive victory. Leigh Lanham's third place saw Ipswich notch a 5-3 heat advantage and reduce Swindon's lead to nine points.

Piotr Swiderski registered a comfortable tapes to flag victory in heat seven as the Robins' duo of McGowan and Pavlic filled the minor placings.

Ryan Fisher's impressive form continued with a well worked heat eight win. Simon Stead endured a luckless first corner and a collision with Carl Wilkinson damaged Stead’s machine which forced the Brit to retire.

Zagar eased to a comfortable heat nine win to maintain Swindon’s nine points advantage before a race win for Travis McGowan in heat ten ensured a second successive points share.

Further 3-3 race results followed in races eleven and twelve as Swindon edged closer to overall victory.

Zagar’s fabulous evening continued with a fabulous heat thirteen win and Leigh Adams’ third spot shuffled Swindon’s advantage to eleven points.

Ipswich’s Daniel King took victory in a re-run heat fourteen. The initial staging was curtailed prematurely after Witches’ reserve Dawid Stachyra was disqualified for causing Ryan Fisher to fall.

The first staging of heat fifteen saw Ipswich’s Tobias Kroner suffer a heavy second bend fall after tangling with Matej Zagar in the apex of the corner. Kroner received medical attention on track and was unable to take his position in the re-run.

In the re-staging Matej Zagar and Travis McGowan ensured Swindon concluded the meeting on a high by notching a hard fought 5-1.

Zagar hit the front whilst McGowan rode tremendously to fend off the attentions of Jarek Hampel.

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