Thursday June 25, 2009
HEADED by the sheer brilliance of paid maximum man Leigh Adams (14+1) and fast-paced Slovenian ace Matej Zagar (13+1), the Robins collected another 3 league points courtesy of a fine 54-39 success over Coventry at Blunsdon.

For Swindon's Captain Fantastic, it represented the 112th full-house of his remarkable career with the club, made up of 52 full and 60 paid tallies.

Leigh Adams (C) 3 3 3 2* 3 - - 14 (1)
Travis McGowan 1 1 3 1* 0 - - 6 (1)
Simon Stead 1 3 2 2 2 - - 10
Jurica Pavlic R/R
Matej Zagar 2 3 3 3 2* - - 13 (1)
Paul Hurry 2* D R 2* - - - 4 (2)
Ryan Fisher 3 R 2* D 1* 1* - - 7 (3)
Team manager: Alun Rossiter

Scott Nicholls N 1 1 - - - - 2
Filip Sitera 2 1 2 0 - - - 5
Edward Kennett 2* 2 1* 6 - - - 11 (2)
Rory Schlein 3 1* 2 3 0 - - 9 (1)
Chris Harris (C) 3 2 3 0 1 - - 9
Richard Lawson D 0 0 0 - - - 0
Klaus Jakobsen 0 1 1 1* 0 - - 3 (1)
Team managers: Colin Pratt & Peter Oakes
Referee: Stuart Wilson

Ht 1: Adams, Sitera, McGowan, Jakobsen, 65.99 (4-2)
Ht 2: (Re-Run twice) Fisher, Hurry, Jakobsen, Lawson (f, disq), 67.52 (9-3)
Ht 3: Schlein, Kennett, Stead, Fisher (ret), 66.46 (10-8)
Ht 4: (Re-Run) Harris, Zagar, Jakobsen, Hurry (f, disq), 65.83 (12-12)
Ht 5: Stead, Fisher, Sitera, Nicholls (ns), 66.89 (3 riders only) (17-13)
Ht 6: Adams, Harris, McGowan, Lawson, 66.27 (21-15)
Ht 7: Zagar, Kennett, Schlein, Hurry (ret), 66.02 (24-18)
Ht 8: (Re-Run) McGowan, Sitera, Jakobsen, Fisher (f, disq), 67.39 (27-21)
Ht 9: Harris, Stead, McGowan, Lawson, 66.65 (30-24)
Ht 10: Adams, Schlein, Kennett, McGowan, 65.61 (33-27)
Ht 11: Zagar, Hurry, Nicholls, Sitera, 66.30 (38-28)
Ht 12: Kennett (TR), Stead, Fisher, Lawson, 66.36 (41-34)
Ht 13: Zagar, Adams, Nicholls, Harris, 66.40 (46-35)
Ht 14: Schlein, Stead, Fisher, Jakobsen, 67.71 (49-38)
Ht 15: (Nominated) Adams (r), Zagar (b), Harris (g), Schlein (y), 66.24 (54-39)

Programme changes:
Ht 1: Jakobsen replaced Nicholls; Ht 3: R/R Fisher; Ht 4: Hurry replaced Fisher; Ht 5: R/R Fisher; Ht 9: R/R McGowan; Ht 12: TR Kennett (Double points); Ht 14: R/R Stead; Fisher replaced Hurry.

NOTE: Under the league scoring system introduced for 2009, Swindon gained 3 points and Coventry received 0.

ROARED on by a bumper Blunsdon attendance, Swindon collected a well deserved fifteen point victory over Coventry on a night of fast paced Abbey Stadium action.

On a glorious Wiltshire evening the Robins came under slight pressure in the opening stages but a strong latter sector saw Alun Rossiter’s side secure all three Elite league points on offer.

Swindon never trailed the visiting side and took victory in ten of the fifteen heats. The Robins constructed a double figure lead after heat twelve which was reduced by a tactical ride from Coventry’s Edward Kennett.

However Swindon remained unfazed by the Brit’s tactical endeavours and maintained their composure by not conceding any further heat advantages in the concluding three races.

The Robins operated the rider replacement for Jurica Pavlic whilst Ryan Fisher joined Paul Hurry at reserve.

An impeccable paid fifteen point return from Captain Leigh Adams was the foundation of Swindon’s success. The dependable Australian made light work of the Coventry septet and received solid support throughout from a characteristically flamboyant Matej Zagar.

The sensational Slovenian dropped just a solitary point throughout the course of the evening and went about his work with trademark panache.

Often exploring Blunsdon’s wider outposts. Zagar’s absorbing style saw the twenty six year old acquire a paid fourteen point tally. Indeed, Zagar’s partnership with Adams in heats thirteen and fifteen saw the duo register 5-1 heat advantages on both occasions.

Elsewhere, Travis McGowan contributed a paid seven point score from the number two berth whilst Simon Stead acquired ten points from a five ride schedule.

The Robins’ reserve department showed good speed throughout, the Paul Hurry and Ryan Fisher combination amassed a paid sixteen point haul between them.

Coventry were hindered by the late arrival of Scott Nicholls who missed his opening two rides.

The middle order duo of Rory Schlein and Edward Kennett were undoubtedly the Bees strongest duo and the lively pairing collectively notched a paid twenty three total.

Grand Prix rider Chris Harris looked lively en route to a paid nine score whilst Czech youngster Filip Sitera amassed five points from the number two berth.

Heat one saw Leigh Adams got proceedings underway in fine fashion as the Robins' skipper blazed a comfortable trail to victory. Travis McGowan battled with Coventry's Filip Sitera in the early stages but it was the Czech youngster who prevailed to secure second spot.

An eventful heat two required three stagings after an unsatisfactory start in the initial offering was followed by a fall for Coventry's Richard Lawson in the second. Ryan Fisher and Paul Hurry romped to a comfortable 5-1 heat advantage in the re-start which shuffled Swindon's early lead to six points.

Coventry's powerful middle order duo notched a well worked heat three five one. Rory Schlein led from the start whist Edward Kennett forged a route past Ryan Fisher on turn one of lap two.

Heat four was prematurely curtailed after Paul Hurry fell on turn three of lap one whilst passing Coventry's Klaus Jakobsen. In the re-run a terrific battle ensued between Matej Zagar and Chris Harris. The Swindon heat leader led in the opening stages but a well executed second lap pass from Harris saw the British Champion gain the ascendancy.

Heat five saw Swindon move back in front as Simon Stead and Ryan Fisher notched a 5-1 heat advantage over Coventry’s lone representative Filip Sitera.

Leigh Adams got the better of a hard charging Chris Harris in race six before Zagar rode strongly to repel the challenges of Kennett and Schlein in seven.

A re-run heat eight saw Travis McGowan collect a tapes to flag victory to ensure a points share, before Chris Harris showed lightening pace to notch a heat nine win.

Leigh Adams registered a tapes to flag victory in heat ten to maintain Swindon’s advantage before a tenaciously acquired 5-1 from Matej Zagar and Paul Hurry in race eleven propelled Alun Rossiter’s side into a ten point advantage.

Edward Kennett a 6-3 for Coventry in heat twelve when nominated as a tactical ride which reduced the Robins’ advantage to a seven point margin.

Swindon finished strongly though with 5-1 race advantages through Adams and Zagar in two of the concluding three heats. The World class duo treated the Blunsdon faithful to a master class in team riding and in doing so secured all three Elite league points for Swindon.

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