Saturday August 08, 2009
THE POOLE pairing of Hans Andersen and Chris Holder collected victory in Saturday's Elite league pairs at Eastbourne.

It proved to be a difficult evening for the Robins' duo of Leigh Adams and Travis McGowan who were unable to progress past the qualifying stages.

1 Poole (Hans Andersen/Chris Holder)
2 Eastbourne (Davey Watt/Lewis Bridger)
3 Lakeside (Lee Richardson/Jonas Davidsson)
4 Coventry (Chris Harris/Edward Kennett)

The Swindon combination endured a luckless evening in which they notched an eleven point tally from their four qualifying rides.

In the opener the Lakeside pairing of Lee Richardson and Joonas Davidsson out gated the Robins' duo. Leigh Adams, despite a valiant effort, was unable to conjure a pass of the Hammers' pairing.

An impressive heat nine 6-3 over Poole shuffled Swindon's tally to eight points and saw the Robins move towards the top four qualifying slots.

However, a disastrous heat twelve, in which Swindon failed to collect a point, eradicated their chances of progression. In the initial staging of the race Leigh Adams suffered an uncharacteristic second lap fall whilst challenging Coventry's Chris Harris.

The Robins' skipper was excluded from the re-run which left Travis McGowan as Swindon's sole representative.

However, the Australian's machine ground to a halt as he entered the first corner which allowed the Coventry pairing to cruise to an untroubled win.

Swindon collected a further three points in heat eighteen courtesy of a second placed finish for Leigh Adams but the Robins' eventual eleven point tally fell short of the figure required for qualification.

Lakeside 24 (L.Richardson 14, J.Davidsson 10),
Poole 22 (H.Andersen 15, C.Holder 7),
Coventry 21 (C.Harris 11, E.Kennett 10),
Eastbourne 21 (L.Bridger 8, D.Watt 13),
Wolverhampton 19 (F.Lindgren 11, P.Karlsson 8),
Peterborough 18 (N.Iversen 12, K.Bjerre 6),
Ipswich 15 (S.Nicholls 7, T.Batchelor 8),
Swindon 11 (L.Adams 9, T.McGowan 2),
Belle Vue 9 (J.Wright 4, M.Risager 5).

Semi Final 1: Eastbourne 5 Lakeside 4

Semi Final 2: Poole 5 Coventry 4

Final: Poole 5 Eastbourne 4

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