Friday May 12, 2017
A Stadium made in Port Talbot & built in Swindon. Swindon’s new Speedway & Greyhound Stadium sits waiting in Port Talbot.

Gaming International, CEO Clarke Osborne said; “I visited the Wernick™ factory in South Wales on Tuesday to meet up with the design and construction team and review progress on the manufacture of our new Stadium buildings. They are all but complete and are now sat waiting for the fleet of trucks that will deliver them to Abbey Meads.
I was really impressed with the quality of work and am keen to get them installed and working.

Wernick, a company with decades of experience in the modular buildings sector, are producing all the buildings within the Stadium complex from greyhound racing kennels to customer accommodation and are well practiced in rapid construction on site.

The building of the new Stadium at Abbey Meads, whilst maintaining the operation of the existing Stadium, is complex and a logistical nightmare. Wernick have provided a solution with buildings that are attractive, efficient and can be constructed on site in 10 weeks, rather than 40.

Unfortunately, the new Stadium waits in South Wales whilst we seek to resolve the drainage design for the Abbey Meads development. Waiting for these facilities is very frustrating for everyone, not least our thousands of speedway/greyhound racing and market customers. All I can say is that we are doing our best to resolve issues that have unexpectedly arrived and working closely with our partners and Swindon Borough Council. Everyone on the team at the Stadium is very keen to get underway and finish what we know will be a brilliant facility”.

Andy King, MD of Wernick said; “Whilst we feel a bit like a bride driving around, waiting for the groom to get everyone into the church, we do understand the delay and are supporting Gaming International where ever we can.
We are used to manufacturing large complex buildings in sections and storing these ready for transport, it’s just that we normally do not need to wait this long to deliver.
We are very excited by the project which has utilised our skills in a new way and which may open up new markets for us in the future”.

The Speedway Manager Alun Rossiter said; “I guess it is possible to be excited and frustrated at the same time and certainly managing Swindon Robins provides bundles of both. We are super keen to get underway with the construction of the new Stadium and appreciate the efforts that everyone is making to jump these last few hurdles. In the meantime it is business as usual for us this season when we will be pressing on providing great Speedway and making the playoffs”.

Toby Elliott, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Sustainability said;
“Clearly everyone at Swindon Borough Council wants to see the new Stadium underway and we continue to work closely with Gaming International to assist in any way that we can. We appreciate that sometimes there are errors in calculations or physical building that can cause delay whilst they are put right and we are mindful of the supporter’s frustration and concern as they wait for the new Stadium to get on site”.

Justin Tomlinson MP said; “The construction of the stadium buildings will be a real boost for the Swindon Robins, fans and staff. I have championed the campaign to secure the much-needed new stadium and we have all shared in the frustration with the delays, but I will continue to do all I can to work with Gaming International, Swindon Borough Council and the local developers to resolve the final drainage issues”.

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