Saturday March 28, 2020
Here is a bit of fun for our Robins fans to download and enjoy at this time of lockdown and isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the popular card game Top Trumps, we are delighted to present to you this print and play game of 'TopRobin'. Simply click the link to download the sheets, then print, cut out and play.

To start the game, shuffle and deal all the Robins cards evenly amongst the players, putting the cards face down. Each player then holds their cards so that they can see the top card only. The player to the dealer's right starts by reading out a category from the card (e.g. GATING, value 86) The other players then read out their GATING score from their cards with the highest number winning all cards played in that round. Continue playing until one player has all the cards or play to a time limit with the player with the most cards winning after X amount of time.

Is your favourite Robin not there? Then email Co-promoter Lee Kilby and he'll see what he can do for you.

Happy Top Robin playing!

Picture credit and thanks goes to Les Aubrey. Neil Ferguson. John Somerville Collection. Mike Kilby. Dave Evans.

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