Monday May 04, 2020
SWINDON boss Alun Rossiter says it’s far too early to take knee-jerk reactions as skipper Jason Doyle heads to Poland in the coming days.

The Ekstraliga is the only European league to declare an intended start-date, June 12 - but under new regulations due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, riders will have to quarantine for 14 days and remain in the country on a full-time basis until restrictions are lifted.

That would naturally cast doubt over whether Doyle will be able to play a part for the CFS Filtration Robins should the British season get the green light to go ahead later this summer.

But Rossiter says with so much uncertainty at present, the club won’t be rushing to take the wrong move – and he’s backed the 2017 World Champion in his decision.

He said: “I really understand Jason’s position, simply because at the moment – and I stress ‘at the moment’ – we can’t guarantee any speedway.

“So I fully respect and understand it. These riders are earning a living, and it’s not a career for the rest of their lives. It’s a reasonably short time-frame.

“Jason has been loyal and dedicated to British Speedway, for the first time he’s had to make a decision, and I can’t deny him that right.

“The one thing I’d say is that I see there are Federations who clearly aren’t happy with the Polish arrangements, so riders could still be forced into some difficult choices.

“But Jason has also made it clear that if the opportunity arises, he will be back straightaway, so nobody should be questioning him here.

“From our point of view at Swindon, it’s far too early to say in what direction we would go, if we get the go-ahead to race.

“It’s always been my understanding that we’re around three weeks behind many of the other European nations in terms of the pandemic, and it looks like over the next couple of weeks we’re going to get guidelines as to which way we’re going.

“I feel by the end of May we’ll be in a good position to know whether we’ll have any sport in this country, and to be honest the things I’m seeing do look a little more positive.”

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