Thursday May 21, 2020
SWINDON co-promoters Alun Rossiter and Lee Kilby insist they are remaining positive about prospects for racing this year.

All Premiership bosses held an informal chat via video link this week and no consideration was given to admitting defeat.

The CFS Filtration Robins haven’t raced since lifting the league and cup double last year.

Said Kilby: “Our Premiership promoters catch up proved positive and proactive.

“Ultimately we would all like to see racing return but fully understand it has to be right for each club, and safeguarding the future of our club(s) has to be first and foremost. “There was a real feeling of pulling together and working with each other though. That was evident to both Rosco and I.

“There is so much for us all to take into consideration at club level and for the sport in general.

“It is almost impossible to say "right, let's do this", as ultimately our fate is in the hands of the government.

“But we're being positive, working together, and from a Swindon perspective I thank our fans and sponsors for their patience, and can assure them we'll keep them up to date with all developments.”

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