Thursday July 09, 2020
SWINDON co-promoter Lee Kilby says the return of live sport has underlined just how important fans are.

Kilby has been watching some of the Polish League racing, including Robins skipper Jason Doyle, along with Premiership and EFL football action – all with empty venues.

British Speedway can’t run behind closed doors because of the financial element – but Kilby says fans are vital anyway.

“Watching the Polish speedway and English Premier League football, it really highlights just how important fans and supporters are to any sport,” said the CFS Filtration Robins chief.

“Sport is simply not the same product when there are no fans present inside stadiums.

“You can see a scintillating race with two riders going at it, throwing everything at each other with one rider snatching the victory right on the line, but when there is no elation and emotion inside the stadium for the riders to play up to and for the cameras to focus on, it is just not the same.

“Our supporters at Swindon are fantastic. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

“Yes at times some can get a little twitchy and due to the success we have had recently can have incredibly, and often unnecessary, high expectations but what club’s fans don’t have that element.

“Our fans support the team, support the riders, support the club and back us all the way. “Without them we just wouldn’t be the same club. We are lucky to have such a wonderful group of fans supporting our club.”

Kilby has written a column in the club’s magazine which is on sale now at for £2.25.

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