Thursday January 07, 2021
SWINDON co-promoter Lee Kilby has taken up full-time employment in the absence of any income at the club.

But that doesn’t mean he’s quitting the Abbey and he’s moved to emphasise just how much he’s missed the sport.

Kilby, regarded as one of the most dynamic and forward thinking promoters in the sport, is now delivering food in London.

He said: “I've taken a full time driving job delivering fresh organic produce around London.

“I'm darting around the City by 3am each day but the early start at least affords me the time in the afternoon to focus on speedway and the Robins.

“It's working for me at the moment and I'm grateful to have a job when so many people are losing or in fear of losing theirs.”

Having a year with no action for the reigning Premiership champions has underlined what the sport means to Kilby, whose late father Bob was a hero as a rider with Robins fans.

He said: “I've missed speedway this year more than I can really explain.

“To say the sport and the club has been a big part of my life is something of an understatement and not having the interaction and involvement has left a huge hole.”

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