Thursday January 28, 2021
JASON Doyle has admitted he was ‘shocked and saddened’ when Swindon told him they won’t be racing this year.

Doyle, the 2017 World Champion, is assured of legendary status in the history of the club after racing to two league titles in three seasons at the Abbey – and three in total.

But he’s giving British racing a miss in 2021 after signing for a Swedish club, Dackarna, following Swindon’s decision to sit out the season due to stadium redevelopment work and ongoing uncertainty over when crowds can return.

Aussie ace Doyle said: “I was obviously shocked and saddened when I was told we wouldn’t be racing at Swindon this year.

“I really hope everything goes well with the development of the stadium, there’s been a lot of talk about it for a few years now.

“I missed everyone at Swindon last year, the riders, management and fans, I missed them a lot and will again this year.

“As for myself, I hope I can count on the support of the Swindon fans in the Grand Prix this year!”

Doyle will be watching developments at the Abbey from a distance and Swindon boss Alun Rossiter has been quick to sing his praises.

“It’s a shame Doyley misses out on Britain this year,” he said. “He told us as long as Swindon would be racing this year he would be with us, but recent developments have changed everything.

“I look forward to watching his progress on the Grand Prix scene and as a club we will continue to cheer him on at Cardiff and in front of our TV screens!

“I mus admit it hurts at the moment hearing about clubs planning to sign riders and we won’t be racing, but we need to stay patient and look forward to 2022.”

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