Thursday February 04, 2021
TROY Batchelor has urged Swindon fans to stay positive as they face the prospect of seeing him race for Sheffield this year.

And he’s hoping everything goes to plan with stadium redevelopment to go alongside the revamped Abbey track which he’s described as ‘awesome’.

“They got the track right when they changed it, that’s for sure,” he said. “It’s a great track now, fair play to them, there are different racing lines and it’s so much better.

“Hopefully all goes well with the building work there and the surroundings go nicely with the awesome reshaped track which is one of the best there is now.”

Batchelor understands how tough it will be for Robins fans to see their riders in action elsewhere.

“It’s a shame for the supporters of course and I’m looking forward to the day we get back there,” he said. “But I’m really pleased to be fixed up at Sheffield which is a good club.

“It’s good for me to be hooking up with Simon Stead again, he’s well known to Swindon fans and everyone knows he’s a good guy. He was a cool rider too.

“I’m pleased to be fixed up elsewhere, I guess you could say the plan is to be away for a year, like a long holiday, because everyone is saying Swindon will be back in 2022.

“Having said that my focus now has to be on Sheffield and doing well for them, I’m already preparing for the new season and I really hope we can get started in the spring when things are a lot better.”

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