Thursday April 15, 2021
TROY Batchelor has revealed how he had a dream about riding the Abbey Stadium track again.

Batchelor, a member of the 2019 Swindon league and cup winning side, has moved to Sheffield for 2021 after the club took the decision in January to sit out 2021 due to stadium development and ongoing uncertainty over the pandemic.

He returned to the track for the first time since October on Monday in a private practice session at Leicester and was in the mood to discuss Swindon.

“We had so much fun in 2019 it was great,” he said. “I just wish it could have continued because we would have been strong again last year I’m sure.

“I had a dream that I was riding the Swindon track on Sunday night, it’s strange but I guess it was because riding the bike again was on my mind.

“That new track at Swindon is awesome, the shape and everything is perfect, we just need to see the work going ahead this summer on the rest of the stadium so the club can get back on track next year.

“I’m going to give my all for Sheffield this year and I’m pleased to be with them after taking the call in January to say Swindon wouldn’t be running this year. It came as a real shock.

“Hopefully they’ll be back next year bigger and better than before on a great race track.”

Batchelor has also revealed how his move to South Yorkshire has excited his sponsors.

"They've heard good things about the restaurant up there," he said. "Apparently they do an amazing carvery, it's just a shame I'll be too busy to try it!”

He felt rusty, understandably, after six months off the bike on Monday but soon found his form.

“After my first session it was like I’d never been off the bike,” he said. “I’m pleased to get it done and I’m looking forward to the next chance I have to be out on the bike again.”

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